All Of Us Are Dead May Have a Possible Season 2, Says Director Lee Jae-Kyu

All Of Us Are Dead May Have a Possible Season 2, Says Director Lee Jae-Kyu

A virus causing a deadly pandemic. People locked in their houses to save their lives. Evidently, isolation and depression are not alien to our world. And we are just one zombie apocalypse away to compete with the world of All of us are Dead. And it seems like the director is already in the mood to serve us with All of us are Dead season 2.

What happens in ‘All of us are Dead’?

Humans tend to decide their fate all by themselves most of the time. Sometimes it’s a personal loss they suffer, other times, a pandemic. Just like our very own covid-19, the virus in the dramedy from director Lee Jae-Kyu also originated from a science lab. Thankfully, ours doesn’t mutate us into zombies just yet. In All of us are dead, a Korean high school becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak.

As the infection spreads throughout the peninsula, the military desperately interrogates the psychotic scientist. Meanwhile, his students struggle to survive in the school they are trapped in until the help arrives. However, the series finale was heart-breaking and fans are already demanding All of us are Dead season 2. And going ahead, we have good news for you.

Director Lee Jae-Kyu teased something about All of us are Dead season 2

In an online interview with Wiki Tree on February 7, the director talked about many things, including a potential second season. Director Lee said, “If Season 1 does just a little bit better and can do well in the long run as well, I think it will be a stepping stone for Season 2,” adding, “Personally, I want to do Season 2, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.”

He further teased, “If Season 1 shows a contrast in how young teenagers and adults try to survive the boundary between life and death, Season 2 will be the main story of zombies in contrast to human groups.”

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Will Lee Cheong-san return?

Many fans were down in the mouth when their beloved Lee Cheong-san aka Yoon Chan-young sacrificed himself in a one-man show with the immortal zombie villain, Gwi-nam. Many also demanded his return if the show returned with a second season.

Regarding this, director Lee said, “If Cheongsan comes back to life, there will be mixed reactions. Some people will not accept the outcome, while some will enjoy it. We definitely had a plan in mind, but it’s hard to talk about it now.” He also explained how he wants to tell a nuanced version of season one in the upcoming season.

Although nothing is official yet, we would surely love to see more of a world full of zombies and how we victoriously win our race back, sadly losing a few heroes on the way.

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If you haven’t already watched, All of us are Dead season one, it is now streaming on Netflix. Here’s a little disclosure- it may give you Train to Busan vibes.

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