Will Smith’s Netflix Flick Gets A Green Flag After Previously Put on Hold, the Oscar Winner Will Shoot the Film Alongside ‘Bad Boys 4’

Will Smith’s Netflix Flick Gets A Green Flag After Previously Put on Hold, the Oscar Winner Will Shoot the Film Alongside ‘Bad Boys 4’

After staying underground over the Oscar incident, Will Smith is set to make a comeback. Back in 2022, he bagged the Oscars award for playing the title character in King Richard. But his actions at the event prevented him not only from promoting his queued-up movies, but also put a halt to his ongoing projects. However, that seems to have changed for his Bad Boys 4 got a green light for production a few weeks back and so did another one of his paused projects.

His Apple movie Emancipation was also delayed, before finally hitting the theaters in October of 2022. Although the shooting of the movie was already done before the Oscars night. Moving on from the past, the actor will not only be shooting the fourth installment of Bad Boys but also resume with his stuck Netflix movie.

Will Smith plans to work on back-to-back action movies

Will Smith is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the world. But the slapgate drama cast a dark shadow for months after the incident. All of his upcoming movies were left with a question mark after the mass criticism of his actions. But that seems to be changing now. As per Variety, seeing the green light on Bad Boys 4, Netflix also decided to go ahead with Fast and Loose and portray the actor in a new light.

Despite the temporary problems, Smith is said to be getting a payment of $25 million for both projects. Although considering the average performance of his $100 million Emancipation, the actor has the added responsibility of making these movies shine. Both the movies will be resuming after a long break from his unfortunate events.

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While the Bad Boys franchise is already a familiar theme to Will Smith fans, Fast and Loose is his first full-fledged Netflix action movie after Bright (2017).

What can be expected from Bad Boys 4 and Fast and Loose?

The Bad Boys franchise was one of Smith’s most successful initial movies. It proved to be a hit with each of its parts. He and Martin Lawrence will reprise their roles in part four by shooting on the sets in Atlanta. The buddy cop movie is the perfect mix of action, comedy, chase, and drama. Adil Ek Arbi and Bilall Fallah will be directing this flick as well.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in a still from Bad Boys For Life
Credits: Imago

On the other hand, Fast and Loose revolve around a mob leader who struggles to regain his memory after an injury. Director David Leitch backed out from the movie after it halted, so it will be seen how it develops now.

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