GREEN SIGNAL! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Will Come Back in ‘Bad Boys 4’

GREEN SIGNAL! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Will Come Back in ‘Bad Boys 4’

There are some actors whose chemistry seems extremely natural. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are two of those actors whose chemistry and bond with each other in the Bad Boys franchise have been a fan favorite. While people thought it would be a career-ender for Smith after the slapping incident at the Oscars, here is good news for everyone who loves Bad Boys.

Since 1995, Bad Boys has been ruling the hearts of people. After the massive success of the original film, the duo starred in 2 more films following the first one. And now, while everyone was anticipating what the Emancipation actor would do, he got a big piece of news for everyone.

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be the bad boys once again

The partners in the Miami police department, Mike and Marcus have been one of the most memorable duos of all time. Since 1995, they haven’t been separated. Well, after a short break, the duo is finally officially uniting to rock the world once again. As The Hollywood Reporter confirmed, Sony Pictures announced the return of the iconic duo with a sizzling detail about the film being in its preproduction stage. Although Sony once announced a pause after the Oscar slap gate incident, the Men in Black actor made it official with an Instagram post recently.

“It’s about that time,” said the actor while expressing his excitement. This upcoming fill will also bring back the long-term pals and partners Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah as well after their work in Bad Boys for Life. This film will see the duo, Smith and Lawrence, as producers as well. Another producer named Jerry Bruckheimer also opened up about starring the Fresh Prince in Bad Boys 4. While the film is still in its early preproduction stage, seeing the Aladdin actor extremely excited made his fans even happier than him.

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Although the previous Bad Boys films have earned good money at the Box Office and have been ruling the hearts of the fandom, can the fourth one win over fans. Are you excited about the fourth Bad Boys film? Have you watched all the previous ones? Share your favorite moments from the entire series with us in the comment box below.

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