A WIN FOR WILL! After Disney Comeback Will Smith Set to Return for Another Fan-Favorite Movie’s Sequel

A WIN FOR WILL! After Disney Comeback Will Smith Set to Return for Another Fan-Favorite Movie’s Sequel

They say, “One bad incident does not define you.” While the saying is true, it surely becomes a memory attached to you. Well, as Will Smith got attached to the Slap Incident, he sure made a comeback by Emancipation. While the film widely got positive reviews, is the actor ready to make a sequel of his fan-favorite film from 2005?

The I Am Legend star is undoubtedly one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. The year 2005 was the year when Smith was at his best. Though not well-known, his films were certainly popular around the year. In 2004, he starred in one of his famous projects, I, Robot. He launched his son in the year 2006 in The Pursuit of Happyness. And another famous light comedy, which became a fan-favorite instantly, was released in 2005. Do you want to know which movie we are talking about?

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Is Will Smith ready to make a sequel to his 2005 film?

As Guy Ritchie spoke about the Aalddin sequel with a positive attitude, Smith is ready to give his fans another good news. The GiantFreakinRobot reported the Emancipation actor is going to make a sequel to his well-known film, Hitch. After the Oscar slap incident, the actor might want to recreate his charming personality with Hitch 2. The first film was a hit at the Box Office, with an earning of $371.6 million all over the world. After this massive success, Smith is ready to reprise his role as Alex “Hitch” Hitchens.

Although it is still unclear if the director of the first film, Andy Tennant, and the writer, Kevin Bisch, would join the King Richard star in the sequel, however, Smith’s return is confirmed. Who knows, with the sequel to the romantic comedy might open new paths for the Men in Black star.

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In the first film, Hitch is the date doctor. While helping others, he finds himself falling in love with his client. Well, his fans are excited to see what will happen in the next film. After hit films like Aladdin, Shark Tale, and many more, just like Hitch, Smith will produce the sequel as well.

While we await more news about the progress of Hitch 2, tell us if you are a Smith fan. Have you watched Hitch? Are you also excited about the sequel? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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