All the Will Smith Movies Streaming Right Now on Netflix RANKED

All the Will Smith Movies Streaming Right Now on Netflix RANKED

Everyone has probably heard of Will Smith at least once in their lifetime. The guy is super cool, has a way with words, and has a great body of work. His acting ranges from rolling on the floor comedies to making you cry dramas. There is nothing that he cannot do. Unfortunately, not many Will Smith films are available on Netflix.

But the ones they have surely will prove our point of how great an actor Will Smith is. So here are the films from the actor that you should definitely check out.

Will Smith movies that are available on Netflix


Who hasn’t heard about the Legendary Champion boxer Muhammad Ali? Probably no one. Ali has had many films, biographies made on him. But the 2001 film starring Will Smith as the boxer is perhaps the most compelling one.

Will trained with the boxer for months in preparation for the film. Ali is an absolute must-watch as he is so convincible as Ali that you just forget it is some actor playing him in a film until his film’s persona makes a comeback at the Oscars.

Wild Wild West

This is by far one of the most hilarious films we have ever seen. Will Smith plays a cool, suave cowboy on a mission to stop a mad scientist from taking over the west. We know the plot doesn’t sound like much.

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But we assure you Wild Wild West will make your stomach hurt. It is that funny. The film also stars Kevin Kline and Salma Hayek.


If you like Will in his cop avatar like in the Bad Boy series, you will love Bright. The movie revolves around two cops who need to keep their personal differences beside to work together. It is a perfect action cop-thriller for you to watch.

Amend: The Fight for America

Amend: The Fight for America is a mini-series released by Netflix last year. The six-episode series is told from the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment viewpoint. Will Smith hosts this look at the evolving, often violent, quest for equal rights in America.

Collateral Beauty

Since Pursuit of Happyness isn’t available on Netflix, you can watch Collateral Beauty and see what emotional range Will is capable of. The film is about a man who is in a deep state of grieving after his young daughter dies and his business partner hatches a plan to kick him out of the company.

All of these films are available on Netflix. Give them a watch and let us know your favorite among them.

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