When Henry Cavill Revealed He Missed an Important Casting Call Because He Was ‘playing Warcraft’

When Henry Cavill Revealed He Missed an Important Casting Call Because He Was ‘playing Warcraft’

When Zack Snyder originally approached Henry Cavill about playing Superman in a film — this was for 2013’s Man of Steel — Cavill was too busy with other commitments to answer the call. It is unimaginable to see any other actor in today’s day and age wear the red cape of Superman.

However, did you guys know that Cavill did not pick up the call from Zack Snyder telling him he had got the role? What was Henry doing that was so much more important than picking up the phones? Let us find out.

Henry Cavill missed Zack Snyder’s important phone call

It has been ages since we last saw Henry saving people with a huge S on his chest. And by the looks of the current scenario, it feels like we won’t ever be able to see it again. But we are grateful for all those years we got to see Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. So why not take a look back at the time when the actor missed the phone of about the good news cause he was playing Warcraft?

In an old True or False game on The Rich Eisen Show, Henry revealed that when Zack had called him to tell him he had gotten the role of Superman, he was “playing Warcraft.” The actor continued by saying, “I was doing something more important, obviously. And then I looked down at the last second and saw it said, Zack Snyder.”

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However, as Henry explained, it was not a do-or-die situation as the phone call was just to inform the actor he had been selected for the role. So if Henry hadn’t called him back, he would’ve still received the role.

Henry has moved on since then

Cavill has since accomplished a long-held desire by playing Geralt in The Witcher, which is based on both a series of books and (the reason Cavill fell in love with the character) a series of video games. Given the rate at which video games are getting a live-action adaptation, The Witcher may not be the last time Cavill features in a program or film based on one.

Which role do you guys want to see Henry Cavill play the next? Feel free to let us know your answers in the comments below. Meanwhile, you can always re-watch Henry as Geralt only on Netflix.

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