“He has been a true companion”: When Henry Cavill Revealed Who Gave Him Company on ‘The Witcher’ Set

“He has been a true companion”: When Henry Cavill Revealed Who Gave Him Company on ‘The Witcher’ Set

The British actor may have lost the title to BTS’ RM for the most handsome man alive on earth, but his status as Geralt of Rivia is still intact. Henry Cavill is currently away filming the third season of the series which is supposed to arrive later this year. The dark fantasy series is one of Netflix’s big-budget originals. It is based on the books of Polish author, Andrez Sapkowski. 

Although Henry plays a character that is devoid of any emotion, in real life he is a marshmallow. He isn’t the monster-slaying mutant but a guy who just adores his four-legged friend. In this old interview, fans are reminded of his softer side. 

Henry Cavill is his best friend with his pooch!

In a 2019 interview with On Demand Entertainment, Henry Cavill revealed that his dog accompanied him on the set of The Witcher. His dog gave him company, and he felt comforted and relaxed in his presence. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend.

Cavill echoed that very sentiment when he said, “He has been an absolute savior for me. He is a true companion and in those moments where I just need another being around but not necessarily to be putting loads of effort into that person, he’s fantastic.” It’s really heartwarming to see the Superman actor talk so fondly about his furry friend. 

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He further compared their relationship with that of Geralt and Roach. “Roach is not a person. Roach is a horse, is also Geralt’s best friend,” he added. 

When asked which character he’d like to hang out with, he was quick to say, Roach. Then he joked about liking Geralt as well because he spends a lot of time with him. Interestingly, the actor shares a lot of similarities with his character. Geralt comes off as emotionless, but that’s far from the truth. He defended Geralt and shared that he’s an emotional person just like Geralt.

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Currently, the actor is shooting the third season of the Netflix Original, which will likely reach us next year. Are you excited about The Witcher season 3?

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