“Find someone who…” : Henry Cavill Reveals That One Thing That He Will Tell his Younger Self About His Body

“Find someone who…” : Henry Cavill Reveals That One Thing That He Will Tell his Younger Self About His Body

Henry Cavill is becoming a Greek God with each passing day. After all, there’s no one better than you when you’re cast as “The Man of Steel” when it comes to training, is there? So, who wouldn’t like to build a gorgeous body like The Geralt of Rivia? We know what you wish for, so here we are, with some of The Superman’s training secrets.

The A-lister on Hollywood blockbuster star is finally here with all his fitness knowledge. Months down, the fittest star was interviewed by Bodybuilding.com. In the span of mere six minutes, Henry left almost all the viewers with a gym pass. Here are some of the prime takeaways from the video.

What would Henry Cavill say to his younger self?

Regarding training and nutrition, the first thing that Henry would likely tell superman jr was to “Find someone who knows what they’re talking about and listen to them.” This single line says a lot in itself about how a beginner should get into bodybuilding. Not being misled into doing overwork was something that was quite implicitly shown here.

Furthermore, he says that training was something that was instilled into him by Mark Twight. It was quite early on when it came to him about training that, “It’s not supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be hard. So mentally prepare yourself for an hour or two’s hard work!

What is his relationship with bodybuilding-style training?

You would be amazed to know, but it is not only the Pinterest-esque people who lay emphasis on aesthetics. We have Henry Cavill on our team too! The only thing he stressed while sharing about his bodybuilding style workout was “maintaining the aesthetics.” Basically, the whole working out while simultaneously keeping in mind how a shirtless scene with this body would look is a Henry Cavill thing. “I’d just try to do to the best of my abilities which I’m actually there to do,” says the Hollywood Greek prince.

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Front Squat, Back squat, or Deadlifts?

When asked this, Cavill replied that he really enjoyed doing the front squat and felt the back squat a bit more “ubiquitous” He used to love deadlifting, but these days, the actor would definitely go with the back squat, as he said.

One of the best answers he gave was answering to 200 squats, 100 push-ups, or 50 burpees. Speaking of which, the actor straight away said, “why not do them all?” Yes, of course, sir, but not everyone can afford to be a Superhero like you!

Henry Cavill needs to have a whole streaming service for his training regimen

Nevertheless, this was just the tip of the iceberg. His entire workout routine, which shares massive similarities with The Rock’s, is mind-boggling. His entire video filled all the viewers with sheer enthusiasm and passion for hitting the gyms. The star truly is Superman in real life with all the physical and martial arts prowess. Above all, he has the looks and long-sought gorgeous physique to kill!

What was even more appealing was that the witcher literally came off as a regular Joe in the way he presented himself. Not showcasing himself as a typical fitness freak and politely answering every generalized and subjective thing was something that we absolutely loved.

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