Netflix ‘BioShock’ Live-Action Brings 2 Brilliant Minds Together From Sci-Fi World in an Attempt to Create History

Netflix ‘BioShock’ Live-Action Brings 2 Brilliant Minds Together From Sci-Fi World in an Attempt to Create History

We come bearing great news for fans of the famous 2007 game ‘Bioshock’. In 2022, there has been a wave of movies and series being inspired by popular games, and Netflix was the flagbearer of this trend. While there has been news of popular games such as Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Dragon Quest: Your Story of being in the making. Some like Arcane, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, and Castlevania have already been renewed for a season 2. Adding to this amazing list now will be the Netflix live-action adaptation of BioShock. The streaming giant has already roped some of the most creative minds for the remake.

Creators of Hunger Games and Logan to join hands for Netflix’s Bioshock

Knowing Netflix and its high-end production fans knew that the live-action adaptation was going to be brilliant. And Netflix announced that Francis Lawrence and Michael Green will be working behind the screens just added cherry and sprinkles on the top. For those of you who do not know Francis Lawrence, let us enlighten you.  He is a renowned filmmaker and producer who is widely popular for his work in Hunger Games and Red Sparrow. Francis will now be directing Bioshock.

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BioShock is considered to be one of the greatest video games to ever have been made. Additionally,  he will be working alongside Michael Green who is applauded worldwide for the screenplay of Murder on the Orient Express. For his brilliance, Michael Green has also been nominated for Academy Awards. The announcement was made by Netflix on Twitter.

Additionally, BioShock has a well- fletched storyline which is absent from most of the games in the present time. The hidden city of Rapture existing underground was such a fascinating concept. The characters too were also intriguing, fans knew that the series had the potential to become a full fletched cinematic universe.

Fans’ reaction to Netflix adapting BioShock

We would be lying if we said that Netflix adapting BioShock is everyone’s dream. Many fans were hoping to see the movie in theatres. Others are just hoping that they do not deviate from the original magic.

Moreover, many also think that it would have been better if Netflix had adapted BioShock into a series instead of a movie.

Hardcore fans of the game also believe that this is a ride-or-die attempt for Netflix.

But knowing that the adaptation is in such good hands, fans are excited about the release. Let us know in the comments down below whether or not you will be watching Netflix’s adaption of BioShock.


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