Return to the Rapture With Netflix’s BioShock Live Adaptation – What Should the Plot Look Like?

Return to the Rapture With Netflix’s BioShock Live Adaptation – What Should the Plot Look Like?

The gaming industry is one of the most booming industries in the world. Gamers are always looking for new installments to the games or seeing their favorite games in a new avatar. And big house production banking on the popularity of these games and adapting them to movies is not something new. Now Netflix has entered the arena by announcing a live-action film on the popular first-person shooting game BioShock.

BioShock Netflix film- details and what we can expect from it

The BioShock video game took the world with a storm back in 2007 when it was released. The game was indeed a revolution in the world of gaming. Creator Ken Levine included elements in the game that were never seen or thought of before.

The game has great art direction, one of the greatest storylines packed with a powerful political undertone and interesting multi-layered characters. Apart from that, the game has an upgradable plasmid mechanic and one of the greatest twists that will boggle your mind for days to come.

The game was so successful and critically acclaimed that many gamers use it as a staple in the argument that games are art.

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The game is set in an underwater world. Andrew Ryan built the world as an escape for the rich from ethnics and society, an “anchor” to them. However, things quickly escalate into a civil war. And we enter the game as Jack, trying to work out a way of a plane crash into this dystopian world.

Not the first time a movie has been made

Well, when you have a game as successful and as popular as BioShock, why wait so long for a movie? Apparently, this is not the first time adapting the game into a film. Back in 2010, with Take-Two partnership, Universal Studios was planning for a BioShock live adaptation. Gore Verbinski was set to direct with his new fame than to the Pirate of the Carrabians series.

However, the project never saw the light of the day due to its increasing budget, which was an absolute necessity considering the game’s high art direction and visuals.

Considering we have seen a one-person shooting game adapter into a one-person live-action film, i.e., Doom. The prospect of another is quite attractive if done well. As of now, no other news regarding the cast or trailer has been released.

Meanwhile, check out Netflix for interactive shows and movies for the video game feel. And be sure to check out our website for more news on BioShock film and others.

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