How Is ‘Human Resources’ Different From ‘Big Mouth’? What New Does the Spinoff Have?

How Is ‘Human Resources’ Different From ‘Big Mouth’? What New Does the Spinoff Have?

Fans of Big Mouth will have to wait a little longer to meet the new characters of Human Resources which includes ambition gremlins, logic rocks, addiction angels. The series premieres on March 18. Nevertheless, the streamer has released a longer trailer for the Big Mouth spin-off. Human Resources is being hailed as the adult office comedy series which will retain its irreverent comedy style. The characters are still as foul-mouthed as ever. Big Mouth fans won’t have a problem settling in this expanded universe of the show. 

The difference between Big Mouth and Human Resources

Raunchy comedy at its best, but Human Resources will be slightly different from its predecessor. Unlike Big Mouth, which mainly focused on junior high students, Human Resources will be centered around the adult characters. The former portrayed the trials and tribulations of puberty. With the latter, showrunner Kelly Galuska wants to portray the life stages of humans.

Big Mouth didn’t give enough scope to the creators to introduce themes like death or dementia. Very real issues that a lot of us are struggling with. “I’d also always been interested in doing stuff about death on the show as well. Using those as sort of our bookends made a lot of sense,” she said.

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We like to think of this show as being from birth until death. You get the creatures that help you through life the moment you’re born, and you have them until you’re not on the planet anymore.

“It was pretty intentional to tell more adult stories that we were clamoring for in Big Mouth, but didn’t quite have the opportunity to do.” 

New characters

The new animated series introduced new characters – ambitious gremlins, addiction angels, and logic rocks. Favorites and award-winning actors, Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph will be returning to the show. Hugh Jackman’s addition to the cast as Dante was the biggest surprise. The already impressive voice cast will also include newcomers like Lupita Nyong’o, Henry Winkler, etc. 

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