Stream These Movies Like Despicable Me On Netflix Right Now

Stream These Movies Like Despicable Me On Netflix Right Now

Tiny yellow henchmen with a desire to serve an evil boss. Their leader, Gru, the quirky villain on a heist like no other. And the three orphan daughters who change his life from the most-hated villain to finally a loving, selfless person. The entire world knows we are talking about the movie Despicable Me. Won’t it be the best thing in the world if we knew more movies like Despicable Me?

The streaming giant, Netflix, recently premiered this wholesome animated movie, and fans were head over heels for our minions again. But that’s not all. Netflix has its own section of some of the best animated movies to stream with kids and family. And if you are in awe of these creatures who usually look like dressed Mike and Ike candies; we are here with a list of movies like Despicable Me just for you to have a whale of a time.

Hotel Transylvania

If Despicable Me had a quirky villain, Hotel Transylvania has a quirky dad. If the former had minions, the latter has fun-inducing jelly creatures, Dracula, Frankenstein, and whatnot.

Starring Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez, this animated movie will take you to a world like no other. The way these monsters tackle each other and the human invasion is truly amusing. With the right degree of wit and sophistication to amuse adults and slapstick enough to engage children; the movie also teaches us the importance of love in ethereal ways. It will also give major parenting tips one should not miss out on. Go stream Hotel Transylvania on Netflix right away!

The Angry Birds Movies

Who would not want to visit a happy island full of colorful and diverse flightless birds? Well, if you aren’t among the green piggies, who invaded the island to steal their eggs, you are always welcome. In the movie, among many birds, there’s red. Like the color of his feathers, he is ill-tempered and has a hard time making friends. But when the cruel pigs attempt to plunder their eggs, red becomes their hero.

You will also get to meet mighty eagle, who is Gru to these colorful birds or should I rather say, minions minus the  gibberish language. Further, if you are an accompanying adult, there are plenty of laughs in it for you. Stream this egg-citing movie only on Netflix!

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Kung Fu Panda Franchise

Well, do we need to say anything about the titular overweight, clumsy-looking panda, Po? Most of the readers might already know why it is important to add Kung Fu Panda to the list of movies like Despicable Me. For the newbies, the movie franchise revolves around the titular panda—a plump slacker and most unathletic inhabitant of the serene valley of peace. He is surprisingly selected as the valley’s defender.

Now, as the community’s fabled dragon warrior, Po aces with the furious five in his training. However, his training comes to test when a former villain, Tai Laung, breaks out of jail and comes after the dragon scroll. Throughout the three movies, Po learns to believe in himself and his capabilities—fighting different villains, meditating in kung fu, finding inner peace, and his origin.

Hence, if you are looking for something witty and a stay for a heartwarming message, with neatly chosen subversions like Despicable Me; You know exactly where to watch these thrilling movies.

The Smurfs franchise

Up for some blue cotton candies with vanilla topping? They also have two legs and hands and can walk and talk! From the creators of Open Season and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs comes the story of a group of blue people called the Smurfs, who are being chased by the evil wizard Gargamel from their village and go to a portal and hide in Manhattan and meet Patrick Winslow.

They are lost and need help to get back to their world before Gargamel gets them. Will they be able to find help from humans? Will they get someone like Gru? And what’s more in the whole blue package? You can only find that out by streaming this energetic and cute kids flick on Netflix.

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The Croods

Last but not the least, on this list of movies like Despicable Me is The CroodsThe Gru of former and the Grug of latter, apart from having similar names, have many similar traits. Set in the prehistoric era; The movie also beautifully conveys how love and belongingness has all the answers in the world.

Croods is the only cave family alive, living under the protection of Grug, the man of the family. However, Eep is a curious teenage girl longing to know what’s beyond the caves. But her overprotective, well-meaning father doesn’t approve of it until one day when their home falls apart.

They have to surf through the dangerous Palaeolithic landscapes with the help of some foreign guy who knows the whereabouts of the world. But can the family trust him? And will they be able to find a new place to call home? You can only find it out by watching this wholesome movie on Netflix.

That’s all for now. Let us know in the comment section which of these beautifully designed, cherry blossom-hued cartoon movies like Despicable Me did you love the most.

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