More Animated Movies Like The Croods On Netflix Right Now

More Animated Movies Like The Croods On Netflix Right Now

Animated movies like The Croods are a great stress buster. In fact, watching these movies from time to time ends up boosting your morale. The Croods follow Grug, a cave dweller, and his family, looking for a new place to settle in. People can’t get past The Croods because of its wholesomeness, a quality that defines a family movie.

The 7.2 IMDb rated movie is one of the hidden gems of Netflix. So, here we are with a list of movies like The Croods.


One of the most unique concepts you will ever come across, where a snail competes in the Indianapolis 500. Frank, a snail who dreams of racing, has his wish granted when a mishap gives him super speed.

The 2013 movie features Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Snoop Dogg. This unconventional movie will inspire you to pursue your dreams harder and never give up.

How to Train Your Dragon

The movie starts out with Hiccup, a Viking wanting to kill a dragon to complete his transformation from a boy to a man. But things don’t go as planned, and Hiccup ends up petting a dragon, which justifies the title of the movie.

Jay Baruchel, Gerald Butler, and America Ferrera star in this hilarious movie. The movie resembles The Croods with its ancient setting and wholesome humor.

Madagascar franchise

The saga, which began with the escape of four animals from the New York Central Zoo, has become a classic. The Madagascar franchise started with “Madagascar” premiering in 2005, where the penguins helped the animals escape to Madagascar.

Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer, Chris Rock, and Jada Pinkett Smith have lent their voice to the amazing characters. Now, even the penguins have got their own spinoff movie titled “Penguins of Madagascar”.

Despicable Me

This movie needs no introduction, with minions being such a popular character. But for the uninitiated, the movie follows Gru as he adopts three orphans who are part of a bigger plan. However, Gru realizes the children actually see him as their father.

Gru from Despicable Me is in the same category as Doofenshmirtz from “Phineas and Ferb,” a lovable father/wannabe criminal mastermind who keeps failing with his plans. “The Office” fans should have this on the top of their priority list, considering Steve Carell voices Gru.

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