Despicable Me 2 on Netflix: Gru and His Minions Have Become the Top Movie on the Streaming Platform

Despicable Me 2 on Netflix: Gru and His Minions Have Become the Top Movie on the Streaming Platform

While new movies and shows usually dominate the Netflix top 10 lists, Gru and his minions prove that they’re timeless. Despicable Me 2, an addition to the Minions film saga, is back on Netflix and reigning the top 10 lists.

Although this animated movie is almost a decade old, the film has proved time and again just how much fans adore it. The movie was the most profitable one in the 101-year history of Universal Pictures studios. To this day, it remains one of the highest-grossing films the iconic studio has produced.

What is Despicable Me 2 gaining popularity suddenly?

As the users of Netflix know all too well, the platform curates its viewing list very frequently. New titles are added, older ones removed, a few renewed, and a few return after being removed. Fans of series and movies often find this frustrating but, alas, there is no other way to go about this. But, Netflix does accept fan requests of movies and shows they want back on the platform. Many a time, these requests are adhered to as viewers see their favorite titles make a comeback.

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Despicable Me 2 is one of these favorites. Netflix removed this popular title from its list of films back in the September of 2020. It began streaming on Peacock at the same time, leading fans to believe that it wouldn’t be back on the platform any time soon. But Gru and his minions proved just how timeless they are.

On February 1, 2022, Netflix added the Minions film back and viewers, visibly, couldn’t have been happier. According to Flixpatrol, the film is a part of the top 10 lists in over 5 countries. Viewers from Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and, of course, The United States seem to be just as enthralled by the comedy as they were back in 2013.

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If you are one of the very few people who haven’t seen it yet, consider this your cue to stream it on Netflix straightaway. And of our readers that already are fans of this timeless animated movie, you already know what to do!

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