Top 5 Fight Scenes From Arcane on Netflix to Pump You Up

Top 5 Fight Scenes From Arcane on Netflix to Pump You Up

Within a week of its premiere, Arcane, the latest animated series, was sitting at the top of the Global charts. The Netflix show is produced by Riot Games and is adapted from League of legends. 

Arcane didn’t have a lot of fanfare when it debuted as many thought that it was purely for the fans, but many have confessed since then that the series is easy to follow for everyone. Arcane has drawn in viewers with its lush visuals, arresting storyline, and fleshed-out characters. The series features hand-drawn as well as CGI animation from Fortiche. One of the things that fans didn’t expect was a strong backup story for the protagonists, Vi and Jinx. 

With a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating, Netflix has renewed the show for a second season. Here are 5 best fight scenes from the series:

Episode 7: The boy savior

Episode 7 makes the revelation that Ekko, the leader of Firelights, is the childhood friend of Powder and Vi. When Caitlyn and Vi were and Vi were on their way to return the Hextech crustal, Jinx causes an explosion to injure them both. This leads to Ekko and Jinx coming face to face for a fight. Ekko was winning the fight until Jinx pulled a grenade. 

Episode 6: The walls come tumbling down

Arcane is the original story of the sisters, and their bond however, much of the show has the sisters fighting each other and not together. Episode 6 finally allows the viewers a look at how powerful they can be if they should join forces. This episode features a fight between the sisters, Vi and Jinx, and the Firelights. 

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Episode 8: Oil and water

The fight between the Chemtanks and, Jayce and Vi was one of the highlights of the series. Viewers see a transformed Jayce, wielding his Mercury Hammer along with Vi who has a new weapon now-the Atlas Gauntlet. 

Episode 9: The monster you created

The epic fight scene between Vi and Savika will go down in anime history as the best one there ever has been. The two tough women face each other once again, but this time their powers have been boosted. While Vi uses his Atlas Gauntlet to throw her opponent off, Sevika uses her shimmer-enhanced arm to match Vi in strength. 

Episode 4: Happy progress day

Jinx is a bada** in this episode as she surprises the Firelights with her minigun. The Firelights were trying to thwart Silco’s mission to snuggle shimmer into the city, but well jinx saves the day.

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