Cute, Wholesome, Emotional, Poignant, and Utterly Sad: Here’s Everything Fans are Saying About Netflix’s ‘Lost Ollie’

Cute, Wholesome, Emotional, Poignant, and Utterly Sad: Here’s Everything Fans are Saying About Netflix’s ‘Lost Ollie’

An outstanding family miniseries that may be small in size but is mighty in heart, Lost Ollie is a masterpiece. If the week’s, month’s or year’s events have you down, this is certainly the place to get lost in.

Well, if you aren’t aware, it is about discoveries we encounter throughout life. It is a story about melancholy, love, loss, joy, and everything in between. If you really want something that removes you from your living room and easy chair and transports you on a fantasy ride, Lost Ollie is the ticket. Subtly lamenting the transience of magic of childhood; it is about an adrift stuffed toy and the young boy he loves so dearly.

Helmed by Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy, along with Emily Morris and Josh Berry, it follows a rag-tag bunny with droopy ears and hazy memory as he sets out on a heroic search for his best friend, Billy. Further, the four-part limited series is based on William Joyce’s story Ollie’s Odyssey. And it seems like it had fans reaching for tissues as they binged through it. So much so, that they couldn’t stop filling Twitter with their take on the series. And if you haven’t watched it yet, and even the trailer doesn’t change your mind, here are some wholesome fan reactions to change your mind.

Fans are obsessed with Netflix’s miniseries, Lost Ollie

Ollie and his adventures had fans becoming a cry baby over a journey of 3 hours. Not only the narrative, even the animation made their jaw-drop as they binged through the series. “If you want to feel something please see it. Only 4 episodes of goodness- don’t miss it out,” wrote one of the fans.

Yet another fan claim that it is the greatest thing they have watched in a while.

Even Shannon Tindle, the storyboard artist, had his mother sobbing after watching the miniseries.

Fans are also demanding a DVD copy of Lost Ollie and another beautiful animated movie, The Sea Beast.

A miniseries made for people who loved too tightly and not tightly enough, it is a perfect blend of childlike wonder and mature slow storytelling.

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Have you streamed the miniseries yet? How did you feel about it? Do let us know in the comments below. Lost Ollie is now streaming, exclusively on Netflix.

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