Why ‘Lost Ollie’, the New Netflix Animated Film Will Tear You Up More Than Toy Story 3

Why ‘Lost Ollie’, the New Netflix Animated Film Will Tear You Up More Than Toy Story 3

Children love their toys like anything and for a long time treat them as their best friends who will be there will them through thick and thin. The troupe of toys being real and having true feelings has been exploited well by many of the production houses. Such series are much loved among the kids and can be considered the staple of children’s media. 

There are a handful of stories like Toy Story, Calvin, and Hobbes, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Winnie the Pooh, The Velveteen Rabbit, etc. that have seen a lot of success by depicting a relationship between a toy and child in different manners. One of the most relevant and popular streaming services, Netflix also boasts of having a decent library of Children’s animated series. Shannon Tindle’s Lost Ollie, streaming on Netflix, is the latest addition to an already glorious collection.

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A sneak peek into Shannon Tindle’s world

The four-episode series adapts Ollie’s Odyssey, William Joyce’s book. It is also based on the familiar beats of toys and children. However, the story exposes a vulnerable yet heart-touching side by including the child’s point of view as well. 

Netflix’s Lost Ollie revolves around the titular stuffed rabbit who wakes up in a thrift store with no memory of how he reached there. The toy decides to return to his master Billy and teams up with a toy clown, Zozo, for the same. Rosy, later on, joins the duo in their adventure.  

How Netflix’s Lost Ollie is different from Toy Story 3?

Even though it is a fresh take on the journey of a toy returning to the kid, Lost Ollie is being compared to Toy Story 3. The famous 2010 comedy-drama film also features the protagonist toy Woody’s struggle in returning to Andy Davis. Toy Story 3 basically explores the emotions of the toys when they are left unattended as the child grows up. 

Lost Ollie definitely shares a familiar concept, but it is more heart-wrenching and emotional. Apart from Ollie, the story also unravels the emotions of Billy. On the one hand, Billy misses his dear friend but also has to be with his mother, who is fighting the deadly Cancer. Shannon Tindle has beautifully captured the highs and lows of one’s childhood

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Lost Ollie, streaming on Netflix, is definitely worth a watch. If you haven’t seen the series yet, go stream in right away. And let us know what you guys think about the series in the comments below.

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