This Adorable ‘Heartstopper’ Scene and It’s BTS Continues to Haunt Fans’ Daydreams

This Adorable ‘Heartstopper’ Scene and It’s BTS Continues to Haunt Fans’ Daydreams

It’s been a significant time since the ‘Heartstopper’ is out, and fans still seem not to be able to forget all the love it makes them feel. It’s a show that can take anybody back to the prettiest time in their life: Highschool years. Getting out of that headspace hasn’t been easy for a lot of folks.

Fan activity on Twitter

While fans flood Twitter every day with stills from the show, admiring them and gushing about them, this one still from the movie has circulated more than any other. This popular screenshot became the talk of the town, as people related to the way that scene made them feel.

Fans were quick to pull out a rehearsal picture of the same scene too. Here, Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) are seen standing in front of each other facing each other. Their height difference is clearly visible even though Charlie is on a chair. That is probably why he’s on the chair because the scene gives the flare of a solid confession or a kiss. It’s obvious they’re in their school playground because there are students in the back and everybody is wearing a uniform. Needless to say, that height difference and the air of confession alone would have had the fan hearts beating too loud.

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Joe and Kit were truly commended for the chemistry they brought into their characters. Their reel love looks so real it’s hard to believe they’re not in love in real life. Their rehearsal picture too looks extremely adorable, making the hearts of millions of fans melt.

What is Heartstopper all about?

Heartstopper is an LGBTQ+ romance series, which portrays high school-going kids and their innocent rainbow-colored lives. It’s a depiction of simple things and brings pure joy to the Heart. The story revolves around two adolescent boys, confused about their feelings, coming to terms with them. Once they get together, their fight to get accepted by society begins. The show doesn’t only have Nick and Charlie as a couple, it has Tara and Darcy and Elle and Tao too. They too are all the things Nick and Charlie are and you really won’t be able to resist the urge to re-watch the show.

Have you streamed or re-streamed this show yet?

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