Fans Find Intricate Details While Rewatching ‘Heartstopper’ – Did You Notice the Change in the Uniform Crest?

Fans Find Intricate Details While Rewatching ‘Heartstopper’ – Did You Notice the Change in the Uniform Crest?

The teenage phase is one of the hardest parts of our lives. For Charlie and Nick, it’s doubly hard as they figure out their identity and sexual orientation. Never has a show treated coming out for queer people so empathetically and positively. The two young boys’ story has won hearts all over. It already had an established fanbase before Netflix carried Heartstopper because the show is based on Alice Oseman’s webcomic of the same name. 

Fans just couldn’t get enough of the show and they are re-watching it. Some have even rewatched it four times! And in doing so, one of them discovered something that none had spotted before. It’s a tiny detail that one can miss easily.

The change in Truham school’s crest when Charlie’s imagination goes wild 

Charlie is hopelessly in love with Nick. He doubts that the popular guy would ever reciprocate his love. But the poor guy can’t stop his brain from imagining scenarios where Nick is boldly declaring his love to him. After all, it’s too much for him and he wants to confess (or be confessed to). And when this happens, give special attention to the Truham school crest on his uniform. Apart from the addition of CGI and bathing him in pink light, the crest changes from spades to heart! 

Alice did put her heart in the series after all! 

Funnily enough, Netflix has responded to the tweet as well! The streamer overlooked the little change as well. 

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Will we get the second installment of Heartstopper? 

Netflix hasn’t opened up about a second season yet, and understandably so. The streaming giant is going through a severe financial crunch. And it’s canceling shows left and right. But since Heartstopper straight topped the most-watched list in the UK, and is a fan favorite, there are higher chances of a renewal. 

Creators won’t have a problem with the narrative as plenty of source material is available. The first season is based on the first two volumes. So presumably the second season will follow the third volume. Even the leads, Kit Connor and Joe Locke have expressed their desire to come back for a second season.

So, did you notice this tiny detail in the movie? Are you looking forward to another season?

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