Tara and Darcy or Elle and Tao : Who Is Your Favourite Couple From Heartstopper?

Tara and Darcy or Elle and Tao : Who Is Your Favourite Couple From Heartstopper?

Heartstopper is so cool – it’s LGBTQ+ inclusive, the flag bearer of mental health, and an avid lover of witty comedy! Most people can’t stop gushing about the couple at the center of the show, Nick and Charlie, and obviously so. But Tara and Darcy have proved to be no less on the cuteness meter. They’re all the things that an ideal couple is. From holding hands shyly in an empty classroom to kissing passionately in public, their journey truly has been the one that makes a strong couple. Their character inspires and validates so many like them who in some way are inhibited because of their sexuality.

Here’s a YouTube video Netflix put out with the glimpses of the two of them together :

Fans totally seem to be relating to the video. A lot of them even demanded more Tara and darcy screentime on the show. While initially revealed as friends, Tara and Darcy have a visible character arc following the turn of events in their lives. Known to only be best friends, they slowly gain confidence enough to come out to the defying eyes of the world. Seeing their inhibitions die as they kiss for the first time in public is the ultimate satisfaction one can get.

Tao and Elle’s story from Heartstopper :

Their third friend, Elle, played by the trans actress Yasmin Finney,  plays a significant role in their story as she helps them become the girl bosses they are. Elle and Tao are another couple who is worth dying for but unfortunately, they will never have enough screentime by fan standards. They’re known for quarreling and reconciling soon after.

This also has created a platform for the LGBTQ+ to unite, support each other, and talk about stuff they like and relate to, in the comment section. Here are some of the comments under the video that talks about the encouragement they’ve felt as members of the LGBTQ+ community :


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It’s great seeing them molding society and slowly making taboos a norm. We are sure that the love for the characters of Tara and Darcy, and Elle and Tao is going to inspire others to write more characters like them and we’ll see an uprising of more LGBTQ+ inclusive shows. What do you think? While you tell us about your views, don’t forget to stream Heartstopper on Netflix.

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