This Nick Nelson Scene From ‘Heartstopper’ Inspired a Fan to Come Out to Her Parents

This Nick Nelson Scene From ‘Heartstopper’ Inspired a Fan to Come Out to Her Parents

Moving scenes are aplenty in Heartstopper. It’s the latest teen show about the relationship between two seemingly opposite boys, Charlie and Nick. The wonderful series has tugged at the heartstrings of many people already. But there’s a particular scene that has helped a fan come out to her parents. 

The fan used Nick’s coming out to his mom scene in Heartstopper to confess to her parents 

The rugby star, Nick (Kit Connor), struggled to admit his sexual identity to his mom. But in the finale of Heartstopper, viewers saw him coming out at as a bisexual to his mother (Olivia Colman). In a gut-wrenchingly emotional scene, his mom immediately embraces him.

Esme, a long-time fan of the comic, had joked about using the series to come out before. But eventually, this scene prompted her to take the step. After seven long years, she texted the scene to her parents with a message. Her parents put her worries to rest when they embraced her.

After that triumphant moment in her life, she shared the news on Twitter. And it has already gone viral. 

She thanked Alice Oseman, the author of the comic the show is based on, for creating such a charming series. Also she sent her gratitude the cast for lending her the strength to come out as queer.

Being a queer person and seeing queer people be successful in that is nice. I think that’s a really beautiful thing to just show queer people existing in the same way that straight people have been shown to exist in media for so many years,” says Esme.

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Kit Connor responded to her tweet

Her tweet amassed such massive likes that even Kit noticed and replied to her. 

Esme was overjoyed. She is a self-confessed Kit Connor fan and has been following the actor since his Rocketman days. 

Even Joe Locke sent his love to her. 

Previously Kit had said, “For an 18-year-old to be able to have that effect on anyone’s life is unbelievable.” Both the leads have shared their motivation for doing the show and their desire to create a safe space for the queer community.

It’s really heartwarming to see shows like Heartstopper making such impact in a community. We can only wonder what lies next for the show.

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