The Tinder Swindler: Timeline of Simon’s Scandal EXPLAINED

The Tinder Swindler: Timeline of Simon’s Scandal EXPLAINED

Seems like Netflix is in the mood of introducing us to some legendry scandals and swindles back to back. Before Inventing Anna hit the streaming platform; The Tinder Swindler was already leaving people flabbergasted. Just like Delvey did with big people, Leviev diddled women on the dating app Tinder. The fraudster allegedly made millions of dollars by tricking innocent women. Poor souls, only if they knew whom they were actually swiping right, they would have saved their lives or rather their bank balance.

Apparently, the man would introduce himself as the son of some billionaire owning a diamond business. It’s of no surprise why he would call him a king of diamonds. However, after some time he would plea his girlfriend(s) to provide him with a huge amount of financial aid; claiming his life is threatened. According to the documentary; Simon bagged an amount of 10 million dollars. After Netflix premiered Tinder Swindler, he tried to defend himself on Instagram but deleted his account later on.

Directed by Felicity Morris, this documentary on Netflix chiefly follows three women who bravely came forward to open up about the scandal. In the two hours course, the streaming giant profoundly tells us how Hayut, the con artist, made this scandal happen. However, it can be hard at times to keep the track of the timeline of Simon’s con. Here we have made it easy just for you.

The Tinder Swindler: Simon’s con timeline dissected

Notably, among the three women who willingly exposed Simon’s con in the documentary; Cecilie Schoder was the first victim. They met for the first time in the lobby of a London hotel in 2018, after matching up with him on Tinder. Four months later, Simon began his scheme. The one who appeared in fancy clothes and walked along with wealthy people could no longer meet him in London. Further, twelve months after the first meet; he started giving life-threatening excuses by sending heavily wounded pictures of him. And soon after, the big picture came in. Leviev started asking for money. That too, a huge amount! Finally, within the early months of 2019, Cecilie realized what she has invited in her life.

Fascinatingly, the Tinder Swindler was also tricking Pernilla Sjoholm simultaneously with Schoder. However, she didn’t realize it until Cecile’s story flashed all over the news. Seemingly, he was quick to request money in this case. Simon asked her out six months after their first meeting in March 2018, i.e. September 2018. Well, the proposal was, of course, yet another money scandal. Last came the case of Ayleen Charlotte. She became the victim of his schemes just before Simon was convicted and arrested in June 2018.

The three cons featured in this documentary took longer than a year to reveal his reality. Well, quite impressive! Jokes apart, The Tinder Swindler has raised awareness about the huge risks that come with online dating apps and the internet as a whole.

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Do let us know in the comment section if you are still up for swiping people right or did you already delete the app? If you haven’t already watched the documentary, you know exactly where to stream it.

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