Who Is Simon Leviev Aka Shimon Hayut and Where Is He Now? Know Everything About the Real Life ‘Tinder Swindler’

Who Is Simon Leviev Aka Shimon Hayut and Where Is He Now? Know Everything About the Real Life ‘Tinder Swindler’

Netflix’s new documentary The Tinder Swindler reveals the story of a man who conned young women and robbed them. Before you go on your romantic Valentine’s dinner date, watch this documentary film as a bit of cautionary advice. Just like The Puppet Master on Netflix, Simon Leviev, aka Shimon Yehuda Hayut, attracts women and trick them out of thousands of dollars.

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Who is Simon Leviev/Shimon Yehuda Hayut?

The Tinder Swindler is based on fraudster Shimon Yehuda Hayut, aka Simon Leviev. Simon is originally from Israel and has conned hundreds of women till now all over the world by pretending he is the son of a Russian billionaire diamond businessman, Lev Leviev.

He has conned more than $10 million dollars from victims all over the world. He even hired a bunch of people to continue his fake business as his assistant, bodyguard, and business partners. According to his mother, whom the documentary crew reached out to, she hasn’t seen him since he turned 18.

Where is Simon Leviev now?

After exploiting hundreds of women, he is now living freely in Israel. Simon got arrested by Interpol in Greece and he was behind the bars for fifteen months for the crimes he is committed in Greece. In 2011, Simon fled Israel before his sentence and lived with a new identity and conning women.

In 2020, they released Simon from the jail only serving after five months, according to The Times of Israel. Pernilla Sjoholm, a victim of Simon, in an interview in the documentary claims, “I was in shock from the decision to release him. I’m really disappointed by [Israel’s] justice system which gives a man like that a reduced sentence. He deceived people and left prison after five months? Did you go crazy in Israel?”

What is The Tinder Swindler all about?

Directed by Felicity Morris, who is also the producer of popular docuseries, Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, The Tinder Swindler follows victims of an online dating scam. A seemingly wealthy businessman with an extravagant lifestyle seduces women by buying them expensive gifts and flying them to private jets. Weeks later, he would swindle money from these women pretending to be in a dire situation.

Three of Simon’s victims come forward to take him down. Will they ever be successful? Stream The Tinder Swindler to know.

And Beware, he might be your next Tinder date.

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