The Tinder Swindler – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ayleen

The Tinder Swindler – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ayleen

The Tinder Swindler doesn’t have what you call a happy ending. After scamming thousands of women, The Tinder Swindler, aka Simon Leviev, was freed from his imprisonment while the women were still paying their debts. However, in the two-hour long documentary by Netflix, one woman the swindler did wrong won everyone’s hearts. Yes, it’s Ayleen Charlotte.

All hail Queen Charlotte

What differentiates Alyeen from others is that instead of feeling sorrow and disbelief, she chose to seek cold revenge. Her story of seeking out revenge on the swindler provided the much-needed enthusiasm and joy the views needed after the first half of shock and disbelief.

One of the lines from the film that gives the audiences goosebumps is when Ayleen decides to go out and con the conman. She says, ‘He always told me keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer… that’s when I get my idea: I was going to swindle the Tinder Swindler.’ The biggest blow that Ayleen hits the swindler is selling his designer clothes for a profit of $10,000 and finally choreographing his arrest.

She is now trending on Twitter as people compliment and salute her fearlessness and bravery.

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Here are some tweets praising the Queen.

And this one is our favorite!

So where is Ayleen now?

Nowadays, Ayleen is keeping a low profile. The documentary mentions that she is still paying off her debts, which she gathered while dating Simon. She has contacted other women in the documentary to open a GoFundMe. To recover some of their losses. So far, they have managed to raise $95,000.

In response to the overwhelming love and attention, she received after the premiering of the documentary. Ayleen acknowledged her fans through her Instagram account, saying, ‘This is beyond anything! Thank you so much for your support!’

Her story is really inspiring and gives us hope in the face of despair. What are some of the moments from the Documentary that you liked? Please share them with us in the comments.

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