Do Helen and Erik End Up Together In Sweet Magnolias?

Do Helen and Erik End Up Together In Sweet Magnolias?

One thing in Sweet Magnolias that has captivated fans is its drama. The other thing is Romance. Ever since the series hit the streaming platform, we have become a part of the Magnolias family. We cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. We have been with them through all the ups and downs and hoped nothing but the best for the three friends. But what has intrigued us the most is their relationship interests. Among many others, one persistent question we have received over time is: Do Helen and Erik get together?

Well, if you are among those people wanting to find its answer, today is your day. Towards the end, we will clear all your doubts, starting with Helen’s relationship history.

Helen- Ryan- Erik- Ryan?

Sweet Magnolias made its debut on Netflix in 2019. And ever since we know the town of serenity, and its love birds Helen Decatur and Ryan Wingate. It seems like they were in love forever, and it will always continue to grow. But, you know, what is the series about if not a little drama every now and then? Although everything was going smoothly between the couple, a big stone broke them up. Ryan was not ready for a family, and Helen was desperate to have kids. Well, if not at Helen’s age then when?

Whilst they were going through this hard time, Helen discovers she is pregnant with Wingate’s child. However, she doesn’t disclose it because of his arguments. And their love story ends at the very point. Seemingly, the more shocking news comes midway through Sweet Magnolias season 2. Helen suffers a miscarriage. And these are the times we long the most for our partner. And guess who showed up? No, it was not Ryan. Erik Whitley, the EMT turned chef, becomes her beacon of light.

Throughout the first season of Sweet Magnolias, it was crystal clear that Erik was smitten by our gorgeous Attorney. Now he got his chance. We slowly see how their romance unfold towards the end of season two till its cliffhanger. Ryan shows up again, confronts Helen, and gets on one knee to ask her out! Who would say no to a diamond ring and a forever love? And if so, what happens to Erik?

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Do Helen and Erik end up together?

While most of the couple find their love in their early 20s or 30s; we see Helen and Erik’s crackling chemistry in their 40s. When in hospital, Erik stood up for Helen. From his past experience, he knew exactly what to do and say. The two of them slowly entwine in each other, sharing their experiences and expectations. While Helen confronts that she wants to have an IVF, Erik shares about his past trauma. From Hospital to Karaoke, their friendship gradually turns into a romantic relationship.

But as Ryan shows up again, Helen was left on fences. She doesn’t open up about his proposal to Erik firsthand and continues to be with him regardless. But as he goes down on one knee, she has no choice. Everything is out now, and she goes down the memory lane of her relationship with Ryan. And Erik as always is extremely generous. He gives Helen time to process everything while being the perfect man he is.

However, only a potential season 3 can tell if Helen and Erik will end up together in Sweet Magnolias. So Let’s keep our fingers crossed and try to be happy with whatever Helen decides. If you haven’t already watched this feel-good show, you can always stream it on Netflix.

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