What Did Helen and Erik’s Relationship in Sweet Magnolias Teach Us?

What Did Helen and Erik’s Relationship in Sweet Magnolias Teach Us?

With the conclusion of Sweet Magnolias season 2, fans are left with the big question—what is going to happen to Erik and Helen? Fans have been treated to a blossoming relationship in season 2 only to have it end with a huge cliffhanger. The two actors, Heather Headley, and Dion Johnstone, have embodied the characters with such honesty that fans can’t help but get enough of them. Despite the sizzling chemistry between the lead characters, Maddie and Cal, Helen and Erik are two characters that we highly ship. 

It is never too late to find love on Sweet Magnolias

Most soap operas and movies glorify young love. Some depict people falling in love in their 30s, but how many shows show people in their mid-40s navigating their love lives? Sweet Magnolias makers are a dime a dozen for portraying a romance between a middle-aged man and a woman. 

Erik’s attraction to Helen was evident from the beginning. However, Helen was already in a relationship with Ryan. It was only after their breakup, that Erik and Helen got together in season 2. It is Erik’s “Something to talk about” that got Helen and, yes, us! The two bonded after Helen got pregnant and lost her baby. 

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Having honest conversations

Helen is an acclaimed attorney in Serenity. She has money, friends, professional success but what she doesn’t have is a family. Helen wants a child—she wants to start a family of her own. We see her bringing up this conversion with Erik in the show. Their relationship is new, and Erik already has a past.

His past reveals having ensured the great loss of his wife and unborn child.

“There’s still a lot that he hasn’t fully processed, even though he’s reached a place in his life where he’s willing to let people in and new beginnings can happen,” Dion says about his character. It takes a lot of strength from Erik to trudge down that path again, but we see the two partners being honest about what they want from each other and their relationship. A lot of couples struggle with discussing serious matters like infertility but not these two.. 

Sweet Magnolias tells the story of a divorced woman Maddie who is grappling with the fact that her husband, the town’s go-to doctor, Bill, cheated on her. While Bill ends up leaving her, her kids and her friends support her through the tough time.

Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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