Sweet Magnolias Actor Heather Headley Talks About Her Character’s Journey In The Show

Sweet Magnolias Actor Heather Headley Talks About Her Character’s Journey In The Show

The strongest people are tested by the toughest exams of life! And, no one can better prove it than the lady at the center of Sweet Magnolias season 2’s dramatic climax. Yes, we are talking about Helen Decatur aka Heather HeadleyFrom the devastating accident to heartbreaking miscarriage; she has gone through a lot. A lot! But has always managed to celebrate life, come what may. Thanks to her wonderful friends.

Recently the actress had a fun chat about these gut-wrenching incidents and with little ado; we will let you dive deeper into the heartwarming journey of Headly in Sweet Magnolias.

Headly on Decatur’s miscarriage

We all remember this incident by heart. Soon after the good news of conceiving a baby with Erik; her miscarriage knocked us for a six. It was devastating for Helen as well, and gave her a clear view of life. In a recent interview with tvline, Headly shared, “It was tough, but it’s a discussion that a lot of people — husbands, wives, boyfriends, couples — don’t discuss, nobody ever knows what to say, so we don’t talk about it.”

She further shared how she liked Helen’s case. It was raw and waiting out there for her; “She’s getting older and wants to have a baby, and now she’s finally having a baby with the man she’s always wanted to have a baby with. (Whether she tells him or not, she doesn’t care. It’s going to happen.) And then it’s ripped from her. It gets messy and tragic, but God bless friends who show up when you need them.”

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Remember the karaoke performance?

Helen and Erik treated us and their friends to the raw and beautiful karaoke performance of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About.” And well, the Tony and Germany award-winning actress was on fire.

Talking about the same, Heather remembers how they were constantly thinking to bring melody to the show. She asked the producer, “‘How well does Helen sing?’ Is she tone deaf, or… has she been on Broadway? They were like, ‘She might be able to sing pretty well,’ so I was like, ‘OK, I’ll get her somewhere in the middle.’”

Although Headley was in full swing, her singing partner didn’t share the same level of confidence at first.

“Poor Dion [Johnstone] was so nervous about it,” she said to tvline with a laugh. “He was like, ‘Should we rehearse?’ And I was like, ‘You don’t rehearse karaoke! Don’t worry about it.’ It was so fun, and I love that it happened in a clever way. It wasn’t just me breaking into song and everybody wondering where that voice came from.”

Heather Headley on Helen’s big moment in Sweet Magnolias season 2

How can anyone not remember the climactic ending that left us on tenterhooks in season 2? We are all in shock ever since Ryan got on one knee to win Helen back in Disney style. Seemingly, it was far more shocking to Heather Headley of Sweet Magnolias than Helen or any of us. She recalls her reaction to finding out that Helen was the face of the final season’s cliffhanger.

“I remember how much people yelled at me, even during the pandemic from a social distance, after the car accident. ‘You can’t leave us like that!’ And now it’s about me! These people are going to jump me in the streets,” says Headley.

Moreover, Headley is well aware of all the team Ryan and team Erick thing brewing up. She explains how both the men are perfect suits for her character in their own unique ways. While Ryan and Helen have loved each other since forever, Erik is a great man and a perfect father. However, she chooses to be firmly on Helen’s side. And we should do the same.

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