Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

Through the first two seasons of Sweet Magnolias, the one thing we know about the picket fence town of Serenity is that things aren’t as simple as they look. We watched the trio go through many ups and downs, well, mostly downs, as they bonded and ended season 2 on a cliffhanger. This brings us to the next question: will there be a season 3 of Sweet Magnolias? If so, when will it be released? And what will it focus on? Hold on tight as we tell you all you need to know about season 3 of the Netflix series.

Will there be a season 3 of Sweet Magnolias?

Netflix is infamous for canceling many a show after the first few seasons, like Cowboy Bebop. Other times, the platform rushes the end like it did with Anne with an E.

As for Sweet Magnolias, the first two seasons were well received by fans and critics, making the possibility of a season 3 higher, but the platform still hasn’t released any news on the same so far. Stay tuned in case there are any official announcements!

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What will it focus on?

The fact that Sweet Magnolias season 2 ends with a cliffhanger shows the creators are paving way for season 3.

Although Cal and Maddie seemed to have been going strong through the course of season 2, we know for a fact that things will change after his arrest. What is in store for the couple, individually and together? Speaking of couples, is Helen going to accept Ryan’s proposal? And what about Jackson and Annie’s relationship?

Although the Netflix Original focuses on this aspect a lot, couples and their problems aren’t the only issues the population of Serenity faces. Fans are eager to know how Isaac will break the news about Bill’s truth to Noreen. They also are looking forward to seeing who Dana Sue’s enemy is. Ty and the innumerable possibilities regarding his future in the town of Serenity are also something that has kept viewers hooked. Will Sweet Magnolias season 3 answer these questions or will the fans have to wait a little longer?

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Sweet Magnolias cast

Considering the cliffhanger and the unexplored plot of the Netflix Original, we aren’t expecting much of a change in the cast of the series. How will Sweet Magnolias stay the same without the trio of magnolias themselves?

JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley will most probably be reprising their roles of Maddie Townsend, Dana Sue Sullivan, and Helen Decatur. Their children, Tyler, Kyle, and Annie, played by Carson Rowland, Logan Allen, and Anneliese Judge will also be back.

Apart from these central characters, fans are expecting to see more of Chris Klein (Bill), Jamie Lynn Spears (Noreen), Issac (Chris Medlin), and Cal (Justin Bruening).

Currently, this is all we know of Sweet Magnolias season 3 and its return on Netflix. As soon as there are official announcements and news on it, we will keep our readers updated. In the meantime, stream the show on Netflix and hope for a renewal.

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