Vecna, Chrissy and a Creepy Hand – the ‘Stranger Things’ Love Story We Need?

Vecna, Chrissy and a Creepy Hand – the ‘Stranger Things’ Love Story We Need?

The Duffer brother’s series Stranger Things continues to be a hot topic. The sci-fi series that aired its first episode in 2016 ran for four seasons with a series final coming up soon. Based in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, this Netflix Original follows high school kids 1980s era. The theme, the direction, and the amazing young actors can be credited to its success. And for that reason, the streaming service gave a green light for producing the fifth and final season.

The show has many elements including the characters, the dangers, and the love between them. We saw many couples in the show, some calm and sweet, like Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, and some rocky ones like Max and Lucas. But besides the show, fans like to play wonderland and tend to ship their own two characters on a love boat. This time, they are shipping on a new couple, you won’t imagine who they are.

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Chrissy who is played by Grace Van Dien shared a photo in her recent Tweet with British actor Jamie Campbell Bower who plays subject No. 001 on the show. The adorable photo caption says, ‘Vecna x Chrissy forever’.

But what’s with the creepy hand? Jamie’s hand that wraps around Chrissy’s shoulder in the pic showcases their character’s storyline in the show.

And fans in the comments are totally shipping the two characters, while one reply refers to a dialogue from the show, referring to a scene.

Considering the characters, we are left wondering how the storyline would be if these two were actually a couple on the show.

Stranger Things unexpected couple

In the first episode of Season 4 Chapter One: The Hellfire Club, Chrissy meets Eddie at his home to get drugs. She suddenly begins to hallucinate about beings locked in the trailer. At that moment, Vecna appears and begins to approach poor Chrissy. Meanwhile, Eddie is trying to wake her up but his attempts go in vain. She begins levitating in the air, and in a scary brutal scene, Vecna snaps her limbs and pushes in her eyes leading to her death.

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As we know by now, Vecna is none other than Henry Creel. Henry, also numbered 00, is a subject of Dr. Brenner at Hawkin’s lab who slowly turns into Vecna when pushed into Upside Down by number 011.

But while it would’ve been interesting to wrap the idea of a couple like this, one’s action led to the demise of another. This means seeing them together is not possible in the series finale. The final season won’t be released by Netflix at least until 2024. Till then, fans can continue making their theories and shipping unique couples.

Which Stranger Things characters would you like to see together? Let us know in the comments below.

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