A Stranger Things Spinoff featuring Will And Jonathan Byers? Fans Say A Supernatural-Esque Show Might Just Be What They Need

A Stranger Things Spinoff featuring Will And Jonathan Byers? Fans Say A Supernatural-Esque Show Might Just Be What They Need

When horror was hunting the roads of Hawkins, there was one thing that held the edges of the town, and it’s called family love. And we get to see a lot of affection in Byers, who always protect each other in every bad or good situation. Jonathan is the best big brother as he is ready to do anything to protect his little brother Will who has a habit of getting into trouble. Or maybe all the supernatural entities in Stranger Things are attracted towards Will Byers. Still, it’s just adorable to see these two brothers sticking together and seeing their never-ending connection fans have given a spinoff where this duo will work as a team hunting monsters. Let’s see what fans have to say about this amazing idea for Jonathan and Will.  

Can you imagine Jonathan and Will as gatekeepers in a show like Stranger Things?


From the start of Stranger Things, we saw Byers have an unbreakable bond. And now that Will is grown up, they will make a strong team fighting and saving this world from evils like Vecna. If we change their looks, especially Will’s hairstyle, they will look as charming as The Witcher.

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A recent post shared by a fan on Reddit stated that the fan would like to see Will and Jonathan in a new show. Where they will hunt interdimensional monsters and how amazing they would look. Moreover, Will has the power to feel these monsters which would make the task easier. So Jonathan can lead with weapons, and Will directs him through ways. Take a look at the post pinned down below:

Just started watching Supernatural and I can’t help but think about a Will and Jonathan spin-off just like it? Imagine them hunting interdimensional monsters together. If they were to make it, what do you think it would be about? from StrangerThings

Meanwhile, seeing Noah Schnapp in a supernatural world is something people would definitely fall for. Decked up in warrior attire with shields and swords, both of them are going to kill it. Chasing mysterious deadly creatures around the world will give this sweet character a completely new image. Therefore, this innovative idea can lead to movies like Supernatural or Monster Hunter.

Fan have some new ideas about this hunting duo

This is the second time fans have created spinoffs on Stranger Things characters. As they before demanded, Robin and Steve in a new frame for the office comedy. And now this seems like fans want to see Jonathan and Will as Winchester brothers of the Supernatural series. Modern investigators trace the step of dangerous creatures trying to destroy the world.

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Some fans want to see Will and Jonathan as they even crafted a storyline for them. Whereas some want to see, Nancy take the gun and shoot. What about you? All the seasons of Stranger Things are streaming on Netflix.

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