Duffer Brothers Had a Twist in the Plot for Steve and Eddie in ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Which They Dismissed

Duffer Brothers Had a Twist in the Plot for Steve and Eddie in ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Which They Dismissed

Stranger Things 4 brought so many new faces into the storyline with the Hawkins gang now starting their journey toward High School. And it became essential for Duffers to create a real dynamic so viewers can feel that the characters are grown up. From the star kids to reckless backbenchers they depicted every character precisely according to the need of the plotline. Following this idea, they introduced the Long-Haired Metalhead Eddie Munson who instantly became an eye candy for fans.

In the current season, viewers got to see a blooming friendship between Steve and Eddie after he was blamed for Chrissy’s murder. Eventually, in all those interactions, everyone including Steve found the real cool guy behind that freakish image. But what was the actual plan all along besides this new friendship? Did you know Duffer Brothers had other thoughts for this duo in the show? If not then read ahead to know what was the real idea behind this bromance. 

Eddie and Steve’s friendship took fans’ hearts in the show

Like the fans say Eddie is one of the best characters that the show has because he brought the 90s spirit with him in Stranger Things 4. Because he already had all strings attached to the story from being a D&D king to an electric guitar player and not to forget a tagged baddie of Hawkins High. 

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Although it was difficult for many people to truly understand him including Steve who wasn’t sure of him in the beginning, seeing his relation to all that drugs thingy. But with the increasing danger, Steve and Eddie became a team as they entered Upside Down together. Unfortunately, only one of them came out safely while our artist boy was shredded into pieces by Demobats.

Friendship was not always in the stars for Joseph Quinn and Joe Keery in Stranger Things 4

Indeed, it was the most painful thing for fans and they demanded a revival of Joseph Quinn’s character in season 5. Meanwhile, Duffer Brothers told Tudum after this whole massacre in the Upside Down that they had planned a different plan for Steve and Eddie in season 4.

“There was going to be more of a Steve-Eddie rivalry, and we just didn’t have time,” said Matt Duffer. He added that Eddie’s character in Stranger Things 4 changed their mind. Because Joseph Quinn gave such a remarkable performance that nobody could hate him. Also, Eddie’s character was so charismatic “How can you not like Eddie?” said Ross Duffer. And we think that’s the best decision they took as the duo is much better as friends than rivals. 

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Therefore, the actor has left an iconic image in fans’ hearts and he was a refreshing change for everyone. What do you guys think about the friendship between Eddie and Steve? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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