Joseph Quinn Weighs in on the Only Couple That Matters From Stranger Things “It Would Be Lovely”, and We Agree

Joseph Quinn Weighs in on the Only Couple That Matters From Stranger Things “It Would Be Lovely”, and We Agree

It is a good old tradition that has been carried on by the directors to always kill the sweetest of characters and stick a dagger in our hearts out of tragedy. May it be Jack Dawson in Titanic or Iron Man in the MCU Endgame or our beloved Eddie Munson from Stranger Things, played by Joseph Quinn we can never really accept the fact that they’re no more. They all could have survived and led on a happy life.

While we keep on mourning the loss of our favorite characters we often forget what all they missed out on. Things that would have done justice to the characters. Things that they truly deserved to have more than anyone else. Here’s something that a hard-core Eddie Munson fan, Joseph Quinn himself, is disappointed in for things didn’t go as they should have.

Joseph Quinn’s heartfelt tribute to ‘Eddissy’

In a recent video segment from TVLine, Joseph Quinn expressed how Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson and Chrissy Cunningham could have been a thing. He also emphasized the fact that Eddie might have had an inclination towards her by the way they clicked. The ten minutes of drug dealing in the woods and the immediate chemistry that was already vividly visible showed it all. YouTube comments even had a fan saying, they had more chemistry than the actual couples on ST.

Joseph Quinn in the video extended a small token of tribute to these two wonderful characters who could have been “an uncouth couple at Hawkins High” This has left the fans quite overwhelmed about the same.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the tweet. The heartbreak was real. “They could have been everything and more” a fan tweeted.

No one could have done justice to Eddie other than Joseph Quinn

Eddie is known to be an insufferable freak having a not-so-reputable image among the high schoolers. He’s a hard-core metal stan and loves D&D just as much as our Hawkins tiny superheroes do. It won’t be wrong to say that everything about Eddie is just Joseph Quinn’s brilliance shining brighter than ever on the screen. On the other hand, we’ve Chrissy, who is our typical super popular cheerleader type that viewers don’t take too seriously

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But on closer inspection, we learn that Chrissy’s holding onto deep-rooted darkness as she suffers from her mother’s emotional abuse. And Eddie has a heart made of gold. He’s hilarious, he’s the gang’s favorite, especially Dustin Henderson and we were just about to witness a hearty addition to the group when all hell broke loose and the catastrophe befell him. Every single person has cried in his final scene and it’s Joseph who is seemingly more disheartened than all of us combined.

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