“They tried to make me apologize”: ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals The Aftermath of The Gruesome Finale Scene

“They tried to make me apologize”: ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals The Aftermath of The Gruesome Finale Scene

Jamie Campbell Bower AKA Vecna/Henry, hands down has been the greatest baddie, the television industry could ever get. Stranger Things cast members outdid themselves in the latest season out of the entire franchise. All the characters pulled off a spectacular performance especially the centerpieces like Jamie, Joseph Quin, Sadie Sink, and a bunch of others. However, the dynamics between Vecna and Eddie was sure shot God-tier. Especially the classic scene, where Eddie, after the most metal concert ever, suffered the curse of Vecna and succumbed to death. This sends chills down the spine till date.

Eddie’s character arc has been one of a kind in the show. He was one of those who had a knack for being the most favourite one-season characters. Well, we can understand that but some die-hard fans cannot. Hence, ever since the Stranger Things fandom lost their gem, it decided to take things into their own hands. Here’s how Jamie had to deal with the aftermath.

Jamie Campbell Bower reveals the rage of fans he had to face following season 4

In a recent interview with NME, Joseph revealed how he had to face all the reactions of the outrageous fans. His visit to South America for the promo shoot and it was not an easy one. He told NME that, “I haven’t got a single boo (on the streets) yet,” he laughs, “but when we went away to South America [for promo] they tried to make me apologise to Joseph.” Although it has nothing to do with reality and he’s one gem of a guy, he kept it all away from himself and didn’t want to apologise for a mere film shoot. ‘I was like, I don’t want to apologise – I’m not sorry! He’s a victim.

Although people aren’t happy with Vecna for killing off season’s new favourite, Eddie Munson, the reaction from Bower’s new, Upside Down-loving pals around the world has been nothing but positive. However, considering all the public requests, the generous British actor posted a formal apology video note to Joseph publicly on Twitter. As unnecessary as it was, it calmed the furious fans instantly and cooled the air of apprehension.

While we understand it was just a scene, some fans wouldn’t

There’s always a thin line between obsession and love. Fans had been a bit too naive in handling the intensity of the latest season. In the spirit of doing justice to Eddie, the fact that this was just a series and had no connection with reality was crudely ignored. Hence, calling out one of the top-tier actors of the show for following a plot just doesn’t make sense.

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What do you think about fans asking Bower to apologise to Joseph?

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