Too Late for Henry Cavill: Even the Closest One-To-One Adaptation of ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Could Not Make Him Stay

Too Late for Henry Cavill: Even the Closest One-To-One Adaptation of ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Could Not Make Him Stay

At the beginning of the film, Justice League (2017), Henry Cavill, as Superman said, “Hope is like car keys. Easy to lose, but if you dig around, it’s usually close by.” However, now that it is officially announced the fan-favorite Witcher will not be around after season 3 of the show, maybe many hopes are shattered. There is a debate among fans about the reason for Cavill’s departure. But one popular opinion is that the show was deviating from the source materials. But now, is it too late for Geralt to stay?

Even after the release of the prequel to The Witcher, fans didn’t seem to be interested. The ending of the year 2022 was as much harder for the fandom as the actor himself. He also lost his Superman cape under the new leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran at the DC Studios. Right before reprising his role as Superman, the British actor announced his departure from The Witcher. And then, he also announced he wouldn’t be Superman anymore. Now, from the fourth season onwards, we will see Liam Hemsworth as the face of Geralt of Rivia. Despite the creative differences, season 3 will be the last season that will see your favorite Witcher.

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It is too late for Henry Cavill to stay as Geralt of Rivia

As an enthusiast of books and games, the Justice League actor couldn’t bear the deviation from the source materials. Henry Cavill is known for his extreme love for the games and books, not only The Witcher but others as well. His utmost passion to justify the story of the original books made it the last season for the actor. The showrunner, Lauren Hissrich, revealed that they would give Cavill a heroic send-off. In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Hissrich mentioned that the upcoming season will be the closest to what is written in the books.

Obviously, they can not adapt to every page of the book. But they tried to stay closer to the original source material in The Witcher season 3. Joey Batey also once opened up about Cavill and said he carried the show on his shoulders. So, the makers want to appreciate the Man of Steel actor. However, it is too late for Henry Cavill to stay back as he has already moved on to his next projects.

Meanwhile, it seems that Cavill has not only understood the core values of Superman but also embodied them in his real life. Despite having a rough second half last year, the actor didn’t lose hope, nor did he let his fans lose it. We will see him as a part of his passion project with Amazon in the upcoming years.

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Let us see what the future holds for fan favorite Superman. Are there any specific roles you want Cavill to play in the near future? Share with us in the comments.

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