‘The Witcher’ Showrunner Lauren Hissrich Makes a Surprising Hint at Henry Cavill’s Final Season as Geralt of Rivia

‘The Witcher’ Showrunner Lauren Hissrich Makes a Surprising Hint at Henry Cavill’s Final Season as Geralt of Rivia

Along with The Witcher world, the entire world shook when they got to know they will not see Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia from season 4 of the show. As the fandom called out the showmakers and writers for ruling Cavill out, he made a comeback as Superman in Black Adam, too. However, as soon as the future of Superman also tanked, fandom became outrageous. Although there is good news for the Cavill fandom. They might get to say goodbye to their favorite monster hunter twice.

After seeing this post of the monster hunter Witcher, fans became super emotional. But the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich opened up about releasing the third season in an interview. Earlier she also said the third season will give Cavill the most heroic sendoff as he wouldn’t continue with the franchise. And this time she opened up about how they will release the third season this Summer.

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Henry Cavill fandom might be happy to see him for a little longer

The prequel to The Witcher also landed on Christmas day. However, fans called it a waste of money. During an interview, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said they were considering releasing season 3 in two parts. She said they hadn’t ruled out the option of dividing the season into two parts. Although she also said they weren’t sure about it.

Whatever is happening across other online streaming platforms, the showrunner is considering releasing The Witcher season 3 in two parts, according to Metro. Well, this will give fans to enjoy Cavill on screen for a little longer than they were expecting. Although there is still no concrete date for releasing this season, she said she was yet to discuss the division with the team. If they decide to release season 3 in two parts, it will surely affect the release date of the show, too. But there is surely some time before it lands on Netflix.

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Well, other cast members also opened up about the departure of the Man of Steel actor. Joey Batey, who portrays the character of Jaskier, also expressed his feelings earlier in an interview. He admitted Cavill had the show on his shoulder as he brought strength on bad days and joy on good days. Therefore, his buddy, Jaskier the bard, would miss Geralt a lot.

Well, let us see how they decide to release the season on the streaming giant. Till then tell us if you’d like it if they released it in two parts.

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