These Max and Wanda Parallels Would Surely Make You Think Stranger Things and Marvel Cinematic Universe Are Connected

These Max and Wanda Parallels Would Surely Make You Think Stranger Things and Marvel Cinematic Universe Are Connected

There is no greater franchise in the world right now than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Universe of some of the greatest comic book characters that started in 2008 quickly consumed the whole world. However, if any other series comes close to the level of popularity that MCU has, it is Stranger Things.

The Netflix series over the years has been breaking records consistently and getting better with every new season. And if there is one thing that fans of both the franchises want is to see a crossover of sorts. While a crossover is a little far-fetched for the moment, there are always similarities that one can find to achieve a sense of happiness.

And a new parallel between Max and Wanda makes it almost believable that the two characters can share a universe someday.

Let us take a look at the Wanda Maximoff and Max Mayfield similarities from Stranger Things 4.

Wanda and Max’s similarities in Stranger Things are mindblowing

This year Max was one of the most important characters of Stranger Things. And Sadie Sink was marvelous in the Dear Billy episode and the whole season.

However, the role of Max was extremely similar to that of Marvel‘s Wanda Maximoff. A Twitter user pointed out how similar Max appeared to Wanda, and the result is absolutely uncanny.

Even though both characters seem to have physical similarities, where Max appears to be like a younger version of Wanda, both the characters are similar in other ways too.

Just like Wanda, Max has grief of the death of a loved one that seems to be a point of struggle. Also, both of them cannot control their grief, which results in Max being a victim of Vecna‘s curse.

Moreover, Wanda and Max were not original members of their respective groups and were rather cold towards them in the beginning.

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With a Marvel and Stranger Things crossover somewhat a possibility, who knows, we might get to see both of them together on the screen. Also, since Shawn Levy wants Ryan in the last season of Stranger Things, the similarities might end up being called out too.

Meanwhile, let us know if you guys see the similarities between the two. Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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