How Disney+ Jumped 7.9 Million Subscribers While Netflix Slumped? Is Marvel’s Moon Knight a Prime Reason?

How Disney+ Jumped 7.9 Million Subscribers While Netflix Slumped? Is Marvel’s Moon Knight a Prime Reason?

If you think you were the only one that hit rock bottom amidst the COVID pandemic, here’s your cue to reconsider. Netflix enjoyed some pretty hefty gains at the beginning of the pandemic. However, the period after the same seems to have erased all the progress. Netflix was set to make a mark at the Academy Awards. The platform was close to being the first streaming service to win an Oscar for The Power of the Dog. But, then came along Apply TV+ and CODA.

The platform gained massive viewership during the initial stages of the pandemic. But, all celebration was cast aside away as it recently lost 200,000 subscribers. Fans are constantly praising Netflix for its inclusivity. But, a billionaire with a massive social media following seems to think that it is making the platform increasingly “unwatchable“. Adding to the list of grim headlines is that of Disney+, one of Netflix’s biggest rivals, gaining 7.9 million subscribers while Netflix is on the down low.

The question intriguing fans now is whether the release of Marvel’s Moon Knight the reason for the increase in viewership that Disney+ just saw. Or are there other forces playing a part?

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Marvel’s Moon Knight and the increase in Disney+ viewership- the latest in a line of bad news for Netflix

Marvel fans are in for a disappointment if the assumption was that Moon Knight alone caused this surge in the popularity and viewership of Disney+. The platform reported 7.9 million new subscribers. This makes their current total around 137.7 million subscribers. Moon Knight has the 2nd highest viewership for any Marvel show. But, that alone isn’t enough reasoning for this increase. The numbers simply don’t add up.

Disney has had a list of curated content for fans from all demographics. Recently, we have seen the release of some very popular projects. These include The Kardashians and Pam and Tommy. The platform also has the release of some highly anticipated projects lined up. These include the sequels to Avatar and Black Panther. Additionally, we will also be seeing a Toy Story prequel. We believe that the popularity of Marvel movies and the recent release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness also have a role to play, although the film is not available for streaming quite yet.

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Whatever the reason for the surge might be, we know that it isn’t good news for Netflix as the platform continues to fight its apparently numerous battles currently.

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