MCU Fans Must Watch Blade Movie Series Streaming on Netflix to Unravel These ‘Marvel’ Mysteries

MCU Fans Must Watch Blade Movie Series Streaming on Netflix to Unravel These ‘Marvel’ Mysteries

Blade by Mahershala Ali can be an MCU prequel. So that it can explain some major mysteries of Marvel movies.

Somehow, everyone is a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe for the mystery surrounding it. And one film, Blade can make the mystery a bit easier if it was a prequel to Marvel films. After the announcement of the film in 2019, fans are excited to witness some revelation of the mystery. But, unfortunately, the story details are yet to be revealed. Blade is directed by Bassam Tariq and written by Stacy Osei-Kuffour and will follow a half-vampire.

After Infinity War, MCU is more focused on prequel movies related to MCU, which will eventually solve all the questions of fans. And Blade is a great place to start for this purpose.

Where was Blade during the Infinity Saga & Phase 4?

After they cast Mahershala Ali in the Blade movie, fans have been curious about where the vampire hunter was throughout the history of MCU. Eternals post-credit scene already highlights he has been active with his aim, which makes Blade more mysterious. He might have some explanation like Eternals or Shang-Chi, and we will have to wait to know the same.

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The origins of vampires in MCU

It is quite confusing how MCU is bringing vampires to Marvel Universe. They already confirmed that vampires exist in Thor: Ragnarok and even Loki provided another reference to their existence.

According to them, vampires are among the most deadly of adversaries. But to create a plot and history, they still have to physically show these vampires and their origin.

Why Vampires are considered a major threat

Blade, being a prequel movie, will reveal why vampires are a major threat, more so than Kree and Titans like Thanos. If they are more dangerous villains than Thanos, we can expect a lot more action-scene in the coming film. Marvel even gets the chance to show the history of vampires and how they became a threat to humankind.

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