Jonathan Bailey Shares His Perspective of Love With Anthony’s Transformation From Capital R Rake to the Viscount Who Loved

Jonathan Bailey Shares His Perspective of Love With Anthony’s Transformation From Capital R Rake to the Viscount Who Loved

Season 2 of Netflix’s biggest show, Bridgerton, dropped a mere 12 hours ago. The latest season followed the eldest Bridgerton sibling, Anthony, who decides to find a wife for the sake of his family. His search ends at Edwina Sharma, the younger Sharma sibling, and he decides to court her. But when the older Sharma sister, Kate, gets to know about his motives, she attempts to wrench his plans. Despite their mutual hostility, they seem to find themselves attracted to each other. From the trailer and the book, it is obvious that Anthony fears and avoids love. His mind is focused only on duty and honor. But What does Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony in the series, think about love? Let’s find out.

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What does Jonathan Bailey think of love?

In a conversation with ET Canada, Jonathan Bailey shared his perspectives on romance, marriage, and life in general while promoting Bridgerton Season 2. Does the actor feel about love the way Anthony does? Does he too think love is a weakness like his fictional self?

Turns out, it’s quite the opposite. According to Jonathan Bailey, love is the mutual understanding of oneself and your potential partner. And Bailey thinks his definition of love matches the exact story of Bridgerton season 2: the love story of Anthony and Kate.

Anthony still has to overcome a lot in order to love himself and Kate. He explains, “I think it’s about esteem. Holding yourself and someone else in high esteem, and protecting that at all costs. That’s what love is.”

So, from his interview, we can conclude Anthony will try to accept Bailey’s definition of love in Bridgerton season 2 but in good time.

In the first episode “Capital R Rake” of season 2, Anthony is a stubborn Viscount, trying hard every day to carry the legacy of his family name. Before Kate, he was a man with a plan to find the perfect viscountess. So, he was ready to court Edwina Sharma, with no doubt. However, with time, his perspectives gradually shift and we see an Anthony who is open to love.

Have you streamed Bridgerton season 2 yet? What are you thoughts on Bailey’s definition of love and how it applies to Anthony?

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