The ‘Ozark’ Connection of Netflix’s Upcoming Greek Mythology Reimagining ‘Kaos’

The ‘Ozark’ Connection of Netflix’s Upcoming Greek Mythology Reimagining ‘Kaos’

Netflix has been credited for producing some of the greatest TV series over the years. Many of them are great for a binge-watch just to take your mind off after a long day, while others are influential pieces of work that stay with you for many years. And if there is any show that has been most influential not only to other Netflix Originals but to the craft of making TV shows, it has to be Ozark.

The Emmy Award-winning series that concluded this year will surely go down in history as one of the most well-written and executed projects by Netflix. And it has already started to influence other projects of the streaming service. Kaos is a new project by Netflix that cannot be far away from Ozark on paper. However, it still has a huge connection to the crime drama show.

Want to find out how an upcoming show about Greek Mythology is related to a money-laundering drama? Then, read-along.

How are Ozark and Kaos connected?

Netflix is always looking for new projects to add to its ever-growing library of Originals. And in that endeavor to bring new stories to people, the studio is currently developing an adaptation of Greek Mythologies in the form of Kaos.

The show is as grand as it can get, with a cast full of huge names, including Ozark’s Janet McTeer. In Ozark, Janet was seen playing Helen Pierce.

Helen Pierce was the main antagonist, serving as a subsidiary antagonist in Seasons 2 and 3. She was a Chicago-based lawyer, who worked for the Navarro drug cartel.

Since her departure from the show after the third season, she made appearances in several other series, such as Sorry for Your Loss, among many others.

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But Janet McTeer will finally return to the silver screen as a series regular in Kaos, playing Greek Goddess Hera.

Shows to watch if you like Janet McTeer

Janet McTeer OBE is one of the most decorated English actresses of our time. While her role in Ozark is one of her best, it is just a drop in the ocean of her amazing filmography.

So if you liked her role in Ozark, do check out Fathers & DaughtersJessica Jones, and The Menu for more from Janet.

Are you guys excited to watch Janet take on the role of Hera? Share your answers with us in the comments.

Meanwhile, stream all the episodes of Ozark with Janet only on Netflix.


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