Greek God Zeus Is Coming to Life on Netflix With Hugh Grant in “Game of Thrones scale”, ‘Kaos’

Greek God Zeus Is Coming to Life on Netflix With Hugh Grant in “Game of Thrones scale”, ‘Kaos’

Greek Mythology has long amazed and intrigued humankind. Since the inception of time, people have been reading about the great Gods of Olympus and their interaction with humans and other creations. Many remember the Labors of Hercules by heart, while others can name all the 12 Gods. So when there is a treasure of compelling stories waiting to be told, how cannot Netflix, one of the largest streaming services, not bring it to the people?

Coming to the silver screens soon is a Netflix Original adaptation of Kaos. The show has everything it needs to become great: from a star-studded cast to the grand scale of Game of Thrones.

Let us take a look at this new series by Netflix.

Kaos by Netflix finds its all-powerful Gods

Netflix is launching a completely new mythical series called Kaos in an effort to extend its library of original shows. Kaos is a modern-day reimagining of the old Greek Mythologois, and no Greek Mythology is complete without the Gods of Olympus.

In the Netflix adaptation, Hugh Grant shall play the god of the sky, Zeus. Accompanying him in the show will be David Thewlis as Hades, Janet McTeer as Hera, and last but not least, Cliff Curtis as Poseidon.

What is Kaos going to be about?

The show is a bold, darkly comedic, modern twist on Greek mythology that explores love, power, and life in the underworld. Grant will play Zeus, the apparently all-powerful yet profoundly insecure and vindictive god who has long reigned as King of the Gods. That is until he wakes up one morning to see a wrinkle on his brow.

Then neurosis sets in, sending him down a hazardous, paranoid road. Zeus feels sure that his downfall is imminent and begins to see indications of it everywhere.

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Now that we have an idea of what the show will revolve around, why not get to know how the show will look in terms of visuals and tones? And who is a better person than the show creator Charlie Covel herself to talk to?

What Charlie Covel has to say about Kaos by Netflix

Charlie Covell, the creator of The End of the F***ing World, has given more details about her highly anticipated Netflix series Kaos, a modern reworking of Greek mythology.

While talking about the adaptation, Charlie said, “It’s a 10-hour series for Netflix, and hopefully with a kind of Game of Thrones scale — but tonally it should [feel] End of the World-y, in terms of its humor and its soundtrack and the look of it.”

The show has no release date attached to it as of now. However, a mid-2023 seems the most likely. But be sure to check our website for further information about the project as it develops.

Are you guys excited about the new show? Let us know in the comments what you guys think.

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