Survey Reveals the “love-hate relationship” Netflix Has With Its Subscribers, Streamer Is Last for Perceived Value, and Still the Most Desirable

Survey Reveals the “love-hate relationship” Netflix Has With Its Subscribers, Streamer Is Last for Perceived Value, and Still the Most Desirable

Netflix has been dominating the streaming platform for over two decades now. The streaming giant has undoubtedly made a huge reputation for itself by being the most convenient and ad-free way of streaming the latest content from anywhere in the world. But recently, a new survey has revealed that the streamer has a sort of bittersweet relationship with its users.

However, despite its on and off relations with subscribers, it is still the most desirable OTT platform in the world. Let us find out what the survey portrayed.

Users love Netflix despite the troubled relationship

Customers appear to have a love-hate connection with the industry’s largest subscription streaming service.

According to Whip Media‘s 2022 Streaming Satisfaction Report, Netflix is the most indispensable service among major streaming platforms, with 31% of U.S. subscribers indicating they would maintain the service if they could only have one video subscription. HBO Max comes in second, with 19 percent stating it’s the only SVOD they’d keep.

Furthermore, Netflix is ranked first in the poll for both user experience and content suggestions. However, it rates dead last among the nine subscription VOD services evaluated in terms of perceived value. HBO Max ranks first, and Disney+ ranks second.

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Despite holding the top rank in Whip Media’s 2022 poll as the single must-have service, Netflix fell ten percentage points from the company’s 2021 study, while HBO Max and Disney+ both increased from last year.

The biggest reason users claimed they discontinued their membership was Netflix’s decision to raise rates earlier this year, with the Standard two-stream plan jumping 11 percent to $15.49/month in the United States: According to a Whip Media poll, 69 percent of former Netflix subscribers indicated price increases caused them to discontinue the subscription.

The survey and its reports clearly indicate that despite having some troubles and issues with the streaming service, people will not leave Netflix that easily. And still, weigh the great content that it provides over every other inconvenience.

The Whip Media analysis is based on a survey of 2,460 TV Time app users in the United States aged 18-54 conducted between April 29 and May 4, 2022.

What do you guys think about the survey? Also, let us know in the comments if you agree with the reports or not.

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