‘Ozark’ Maestro Jason Bateman Details Marty Byrde’s Character Arc as “counterbalance to the fuel that Wendy (Laura Linney) was burning”

‘Ozark’ Maestro Jason Bateman Details Marty Byrde’s Character Arc as “counterbalance to the fuel that Wendy (Laura Linney) was burning”

When the writers are writing about any character of the show, they have to consider so many things. They put in a lot of effort to flesh out characters that people end up loving. In fact, some of the most-loved characters were developed beautifully by creators, and Ozark’s Marty Byrde is one such character. So, how was this character created? Well, the creator of the Emmy-winning Netflix original Ozark, Chris Mundy, and Jason Bateman let us in on the journey of their creative process and share their thoughts about Marty’s character arc.

Jason Bateman talks about his character on the show

As the show ended dramatically, the showrunner, Chris, and star, director, and executive producer Jason share their emotional experience. Actor-director Jason Bateman talked about his character development and also about how he had never thought about the way he ended up.

Marty and Wendy’s relationship is twisted in the show. They both are far away from one another as they don’t know their real personalities. At the beginning of the show, Wendy was actually hiding in the shadow. But as the story moves forward and the secrets come out, the equation changes between the two. Thus, these two parallels are the driving force behind their relationship.

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The interviewer asked Jason about how he evolved through Marty over the course of these seasons. Just like every other character on the show, Marty was also not sure in the beginning how much he could handle. But as the narrative progresses, he becomes clear. Marty gets a real perspective on his smartness. Marty finally admits who he is and isn’t. He started taking decisions based on his comfort with himself, contrary to his methods in the beginning. Jason says that this is the most fun thing as there is strength in doing that.

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He further says, “As Marty became a little bit more passive and deferential to his wife, as far as the partnership goes in this criminal venture, he actually became stronger and more powerful. That was a great counterbalance to the fuel that Wendy was burning.” The character of Marty developed a great deal and complemented Wendy.

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Earlier, in an interview, Laura also answered some questions like this. She shares that she didn’t know where Wendy’s character was going. But as the narrative progressed, she became more strong. She came out of the shadow of her husband, Marty. Wendy takes control of the narrative. This makes Marty a little more passive and deferential, as Jason said. Thus, these two characters totally and perfectly fit together.

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We can see the characters growing and finding themselves throughout the show. We witnessed the journey of the Byrde’s and we could sympathize with them as well. The development of these characters and the change in the dynamics was a delightful treat. What is your opinion about the show? Let us know who is your favorite character and why?

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