Tall Girl 2 Cast Spills Secrets About Each Other With This Fun Game

Tall Girl 2 Cast Spills Secrets About Each Other With This Fun Game

Tall Girl 2 started streaming on Netflix on February 11th, 2022. After three years, Jodi’s prom speech, she is finally living her school life happily. But anxiety and insecurities are still her best friends, which came along when she got the lead role in the school musical Bye Bye Birdie.

In the show, we witness Jodi as the new popular girl in school who is more confident than ever. Her friends Fareeda, Stig, and Jack are still part of the same gang. Jack is now her best friend cum boyfriend, who carries an egg crate to match the height with Jodi. Tommy played by Jan Luis Castellanos is a fresh addition to her life. After breaking up with Jack, Jodi spent more time with Tommy. Eventually, they found a spark between them. He even helps to find confidence during the musical. Even after sharing a kiss, Jodi realizes she still has feelings for Jack and remained friends with Tommy.

So, Still Watching Netflix recently uploaded a video with the main cast and asked them to play a challenge on YouTube. The title of the video, “The Tall Girl 2 Cast Play the BFF Challenge”, is captioned as, “Watch as Ava Michelle, Anjelika Washington, Griffin Gluck, Luke Eisner, and Jan Luis Castellanos from Tall Girl spill all about their favorite foods, the audition process and more.”

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So, let’s dig deeper into the video.

Secrets from the cast of Tall Girl 2

Ava’s favorite dance move

Jodi and Tommy have a romantic dance in the series, so everyone expected from Castellanos that he would know the answer. But no one gets their answers correct. Ava’s favorite dance move is the steps with foot jumping.

Griffin’s character name in Locke and Key

Griffin Gluck played the character of Gabe in Locke and Key. Gabe was Dodge’s male form, acting as a student at Matheson Academy. Gabe and Kinsey have a romantic relationship with them.

Anjelika’s favorite food

Anjelika’s favorite food is fries. She eats fries almost every time she goes out with Ava Michelle.

What animal did Luke bring to his Jcpenny photoshoot?

Luke brings a pigeon to his JcPenny photoshoot. He rescued the injured pigeon and nurse him back to health. After getting well, the pigeon is free back to go to the wild.

Where was Jan Luis Castellanos born?

Jan Luis Castellanos was born in Dominican Republic. So, the group of friends even went for a Dominican date, and eat a lot of empanadas.

From this video, the viewers also know a lot about their favorite characters.

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