Netflix’ Tall Girl Gets Its Own Rap Song by Mr. Grande

Netflix’ Tall Girl Gets Its Own Rap Song by Mr. Grande

Tall Girl is an American romantic comedy film by Nzingha Stewart, starring Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter, Paris Berelc. A film that follows the journey of a tall introverted teenage girl, which has made her insecure her whole life. After they launched the film, the film received a lot of positive reviews from critics and even from the audiences. The film was generally for the fresh and young viewers who are insecure about their physical perception.

However, Mikey Angelo aka Mr. Grande, a famous songwriter, wrote a rap song about Jodi played by Ava Michelle, in Tall Girl. Angelo has compressed the film into a rap song. The rap is a satirical song, without hurting the feelings of all the tall people.

In the song, because of her height, Jodi has been compared to LeBron James, and she might not get stuck in her bathtub. Depressed by her life and her family, she didn’t have a boyfriend to go out with. Her elder sister is small and a beauty pageant, living the life of her dream. Jodi is confused about how to crush her insecurities of being tall and discussing the genuine problems of life. Her only friend, the only boy in the entire school, wants to date Jodi. He always carries a crate with him, if he has to kiss her.

Things came along after being humiliated by the mean group of her school. Will she ever be able to stand up for her own good?

Will she ever be so confident that she will be proud of her height?

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All you need to know about Netflix’s Tall Girl

Tall Girl is a teenage film about a super tall girl, who is over 6 ft. The film gave us a reality check about how teenagers are being bullied because of their physical perception.

However, Jodi’s perception changed when even a taller Swedish student Luke, comes to the school, hailing from a notoriously tall Scandinavian nation. Is Jodi be able to overcome her insecurities?

Tall Girl 2 is coming up on Netflix, on February 11th, 2022.  In this new film, we will find a new, confident Jodi, ready to take up the challenges of her life. To find out more, stick to Tall Girl 2.

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