Tall Girl 3 : Will We See Jody Kreyman Again? Everything You Need to Know

Tall Girl 3 : Will We See Jody Kreyman Again? Everything You Need to Know

Netflix’s shy, the tall girl is back with better confidence than ever. Tall Girl 2 recently launched on February 11th, 2022. This teenage romance and comedy already moved fans.

When the first Tall Girl film released in September 2019, was a solid hit for Netflix. The film streamed in 41 million households upon its initial days. The plot of Tall Girl 2 explores another side of Jody, where she is more confident but still struggling with anxieties and insecurities. She also navigates the relationship with her best friend cum boyfriend, Jack Dunkleman. The other cast in Tall Girl 2 includes Sabrina Carpenter, Luke Eisner, Steve Zahn, and many more.

Tall Girl 2 is the perfect film for this Valentine’s Day, which you can enjoy with your partner.

Fans are wondering, will Tall Girl 2 follow in the footsteps of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth? When there will be a Tall Girl 3?

Is another movie happening?

Tall Girl 2 was released just a few days ago. But considering its popularity, we are sure Netflix will give a green light for Tall Girl 3. All other Netflix’s teen rom-com films have a third sequel like The Kissing Booth and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. However, Netflix will check all the statistics and analytics of Tall Girl 2 before officially announcing the third movie for the franchise.

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Tall Girl 3 Release Date

The first film of Tall Girl was released on September 13, 2019, and the second film was released on February 11th, 2022. Both the films have a minimum three-year gap between them. So, we can expect Tall Girl 3 will release in 2024 if the production starts in 2023. The most important factor is Netflix also has to give the green light for the film.

The cast of Tall Girl 3

The lead character from Tall Girl 2 will appear in Tall Girl 3 like Ava Michelle as Jodi Kreyman. The other cast includes:

  • Sabrina Carpenter as Harper Kreyman
  • Griffin Gluck as Jack Dunkleman
  • Luke Eisner as Stig Mohlin
  • Anjelika Washington as Fareeda
  • Rico Paris as Schnipper
  • Johanna Liauw as Stella
  • Clara Wilsey as Kimmy Stitcher
  • Steve Zahn as Richie Kreyman
  • Angela Kinsey as Helaine Kreyman

Many unfamiliar faces will appear in the sequel film. Nevertheless, we can’t confirm anything. Because of the absence of an official announcement by Netflix.

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