‘Stranger Things’ Cast Mourn Eddie Munson With Last Messages, Including Joseph Quinn’s Funny One

‘Stranger Things’ Cast Mourn Eddie Munson With Last Messages, Including Joseph Quinn’s Funny One

When a show ends with the death of our favorite character, it leaves us devastated. Well, the heroic death of Eddie Munson on Stranger Things season 4 has shaken us to the core. The stars of the show are also sad and have some last words to say to Eddie. Here you go.

Stranger Things cast share a last message for Eddie Munson

Recently, fans are reacting to this video that has a message to Eddie Munson. Eddie died a heroic death in the finale of Stranger Things season 4. He didn’t run away this time. Not only fans but also the cast of the show are sad about the demise of the dynamic character. They have these final messages for Eddie, including a funny one by Joseph Quinn himself.

“This is in memory of Eddie Munson,” mourns Steve and says that he’s gone far too soon. Titled ‘Forever in our hearts: Eddie Munson,’ the video is a tribute to him by the cast members. Maya Hawke, who plays Robin in the show, says, “here are a few words for Eddie from those closest to him.Dustin prays for him and says that wherever he is, he hopes Eddie gives them Hellfire.

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Lucas expresses his wish to be able to spend more time playing D&D with him. Steve, who made a competitive duo with Munson, says that he’s going to miss him. Steve remembers the time when he met with Eddie for the first time and thought, “Man! Finally, someone who can compete with…” He cherishes the beautiful flow of Eddie’s hair. Even Max paid dues to Eddie and called him a very passionate person and an excellent guitar player. Lucas agrees with her.

Meanwhile, Robin says, “I can’t imagine how we could have done all this without you.” However, they didn’t start on great terms; Erica says he was the coolest nerd that she ever met. “Lady Applejack would make sure that your legacy lives on,” promises Erica. Mike also appreciates the guitar solo by Eddie and says that it was epic. Max thanks Eddie in the end and says that they’d miss him and the amazing wig that he had.

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Last but not the list, Joseph Quinn himself says goodbye to Eddie with this message. “Wherever you are, I hope they have metal and D&D,” followed by “Get a haircut”.

These are the messages from the cast of Stranger Things. What do you have to say about the death of Eddie Munson? Do you wish to convey any last message to him? Type it out in the comment box.

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