Emma Mackey Leaves the Internet Shattered as She Drops Major ‘Sex Education’ Update Regarding Season 5

Emma Mackey Leaves the Internet Shattered as She Drops Major ‘Sex Education’ Update Regarding Season 5

Some shows become so close to our hearts because we can resonate with them closely. For instance, Stranger Things has become a fan favorite show because of the portrayal of young friendship among other things. In the same way, another Netflix Original show that has become a fan favorite instantly, despite belonging to a different genre, is Sex Education. While fans love the story of Otis and Maeve, Emma Mackey has major news for the fandom: She is exiting the show.

As surprising as it sounds, the actress recently revealed she would not come back for the fifth season of the Netflix Original show. However, fans cannot digest the news and have been showing their feelings on the internet.

Fans are shattered to hear the news about Emma Mackey

Maeve has been a mysterious, emotional, and one of the most-loved characters on the show. Fans wanted to see more of her development. However, they will not be able to see it, as the actress announced her departure from the show. Therefore, some fans say they would not watch the show further, while others are extremely upset.

While these fans are not happy to see the departure, others are rooting for Otis and Ruby to get together. 

Others are talking about how they thought the fourth season would be the last season. While some also remembered those actors who have already announced their departure from the show.

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Who else left the beloved show, Sex Education?

As Ncuti Gatwa, who portrayed one of the most adored characters, Eric, got a chance to play Doctor Who, he left the Netflix drama. Apart from portraying the fifteenth Doctor in the series, the actor will also be seen in the Ryan Gosling starred upcoming film, Barbie. Moreover, the Bridgerton actress, Simone Ashley, who played Olivia in the show, will also not return to the show.

Apart from these actors, Tanya Reynolds, Lily in Sex Education, and Rakhee Thakrar, the English teacher, are also not returning to the drama. Patricia Allison, Ola in the show, had also announced her departure to focus on her other projects.

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And now, Emma Mackey also announced to leave the show. Are you also upset to hear the news about these actors’ departure? Share your favorite scenes from the Netflix Original drama while streaming it only on Netflix.

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