Emma Mackey Wants to “Gracefully” Step Away From ‘Sex Education’ After Season 4

Emma Mackey Wants to “Gracefully” Step Away From ‘Sex Education’ After Season 4

Shows that represent the problems and lives of teenagers are so important. One of those shows that instantly became a fan favorite is the Netflix Original, Sex Education. First aired in 2019, the viewers loved the show because of the closest representation of teenagers’ lives and the unique combination of characters, one of the most loved being Maeve Willey, portrayed by Emma Mackey. As the viewers are waiting for the fourth season, Emma Mackey has a piece of news for the fandom.

The love interest of Otis Milburn has been one of the central themes of the Netflix Original show. While fans have always rooted for Otis and Maeve, both characters had to face a lot of trials. While the viewers are waiting to see what the fourth season would bring for their love story, Maeve has shocking news. Recently, the actress revealed she wanted to move on from playing Maeve in the fan-favorite show. As she talked about the character, she revealed it was always tricky to portray a character of a teenager while she herself was in her late 20s.

While the show has given her a lot of new opportunities, “but it’s something that I want to gracefully exit from,” said Mackey in an interview with Games Radar. Because she loved being Maeve, she now wanted to leave the character alone as she would just be happy that it existed. She also talked about how the show made them educated and stronger. With her peaceful exits comes the question about what would happen in the upcoming seasons of the Netflix show.

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So, what about the upcoming seasons of Sex Education?

Reportedly, the fourth season might land on Netflix by the end of this year. However, the information revolving around the upcoming season suggests the viewers will witness major changes. Some actors like Patricia Allison, Tanya Reynolds, Simone Ashley, and Rakhee Thakrar have already confirmed their departure.

And the major shock was given by Ncuti Gatwa, who portrays the most loved and energetic character of Eric. As the actor got another breakthrough role as the Fifteenth Doctor in Doctor Who, he would also not be returning after the fourth season. With Emma Mackey, who is also going to be a part of the upcoming film, Barbie, announcing her departure, the fourth season could very well be the last one for Sex Education.

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How are you feeling about the announcement by Mackey? Tell us about your expectations from season 4 of Sex Education.

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