All the Original Stories on Which ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Volume 3 Episodes Are Based

All the Original Stories on Which ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Volume 3 Episodes Are Based

Netflix’s Love Death and Robots is famous for its original stories. Many people love the show for its unique pieces of narrative more than the amazing visuals. Over the years, the show, apart from making original stories, has also adapted short stories into animation. The highly popular “Three Robots” can be an example. The episode is based on the short story Scalzi.

So naturally, the new season also had some episodes based on popular books. Let us take a look at which ones.

Inspiration for Love Death and Robots episodes

The new Love Death and Robots season was wild. This season probably had the widest variety of episodes. Themes touched on in the new episode ranged from old mythologies to a direct sequel to a first season episode. This season even had an army of rats trying to take over the world. How wild is that?

But among all these amazing original concepts, there were some inspirations too. Many people might not be able to point out these inspirations at first. But those who do just cannot miss it.

Among the two most distinct inspirations from the show are episode 3 and episode 6 i.e., The Very Pulse of the Machine and Swarm.

Not all will be able to find this inspiration, but actually, both of the gorgeous-looking episodes are directly inspired by two of the most influential science fiction novels.

The Very Pulse of the Machine

The Very Pulse of the Machine is inspired by a short story of the same name by Michael Swanwick. He published the science fiction short tale in 1998.

The narrative follows Martha Kivelsen, an astronaut who is investigating the surface of Jupiter’s moon Io when her moon rover crashes. Kivelsen resolves to create a sled out of the rover’s pieces and bring her partner Burton’s body back to the lander before her oxygen supply runs out.

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And as for Swarm, it is based on The Swarm by Bruce Sterling, initially published in 1982.

The story follows a group of characters who are studying what appears to be bizarre phenomena involving the world’s waterways. Experiments by two doctors Dr Galina Mirny and Dr Afriel start from curiosity to something more twisted, leading to several consequences. Some feel Swarm has a relation to another book that is read by billions of people by now.

Did you guys know about these inspirations behind Love Death + RobotsLet us know in the comments.

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